Top alternatives to AliExpress to buy cheaper 2019

alternatives to AliExpress: Who among us, has not been attracted by a Facebook advertisement of a gadget, a toy, a low-cost connected watch or a smartphone to less than 100 € on the Chinese site AliExpress? As the latter, they are more and more numerous but not all are worth it because it is very difficult to be at the height of AliExpress.

In this article, we will quote the few sites similar to AliExpress, the most reliable and least expensive among others but before developing the subject, it is good to know that these alternatives to AliExpress are all sites that operate from China and most of them are from Hong Kong, international delivery is usually free without a minimum order (I have delivered for an order of € 1 from Hong Kong!), delivery times are extremely long 2 to 4 weeks on average and in the end you should never expect service after sales or a product return because it is almost impossible!

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The first practical site that really begins to take a big part of the Chinese market previously dominated by AliExpress is Gearbest, a site also Chinese but which provides a better price / reliability not to mention that he became the number 2 in France behind AliExpress Alibaba, one more argument to give it more credibility and reliability without risk.

alternatives to AliExpress
Top alternatives to AliExpress to buy cheaper 2019

Gearbest is the best alternatives to AliExpress to buy high tech devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, robot vacuum cleaners … etc.

it is also available as a mobile application on Android or iOS for iphone and iPad.


BangGood, a Chinese site to conquer new customers all over the world. It was founded in 2004 and therefore older in the business and they are more numerous those who are satisfied by this site.

BangGood is very close to AliExpress design side, certainly he delivers from China but also has warehouses in Europe and therefore a delivery time shorter than Gearbest on some products. On the other hand storage in Europe has an impact on the price of these products, they are more expensive than on gearbest!

alternatives to AliExpress
Top alternatives to AliExpress to buy cheaper 2019

What is advantageous for BangGood, in addition to the delivery time for some products, It is possible to pay your orders via Paypal, Yes! the site now accepts the payment method Paypal unlike Aliexpress.


Lightinthebox, created in 2007 and becomes popular day by day  thanks to its varied product catalog on the one hand and other parts control over the quality of the products offered on its site as well as a more reliable SAV than that of AliExpress .

Unlike AliExpress, Lightinthebox offers products that are physically in stock and not a marketplace where sellers add their products and take care of the delivery themselves.

alternatives to AliExpress
Top alternatives to AliExpress to buy cheaper 2019

In addition to payment by credit card, Western Union or even by bank transfer, Lightinthebox website accepts payments via Paypal. This allows us to buy online safely because paypal thanks to the buyer is protected against any scam.

As for the prices on, they offer very competitive prices compared to BangGood or GearBest.


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