Top 5+ Best Alternative OSs for Windows or OS X

An operating system (OS) or “Operating System” is a set of programs to manage the hardware resources of your device that can be a computer, smartphone, …

Microsoft Windows is one of the widely used and most popular operating systems! Since its inception in 1985, Windows is considered the status quo of personal computing.

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Even today, the word “PC” refers to computers that run Windows. It is quite stable, user-friendly and comes with high-end support. Above all, it is the norm. Although, there are times when this proprietary operating system is not enough for your needs. Or, you may not be interested in having a paid OS at all. This is when you need to go with some alternative operating systems.

In this article, we have developed a list of alternative operating systems that you can use instead of Windows.

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It is the best-known Linux distribution, easy to use, and has a catalog of applications that replaces Microsoft applications quite well, making Ubuntu the best replacement for Windows. It uses free software that is too often free.

Best Alternative OSs

Unity is the name of the GUI that offers the OS and it is too often confusing for users coming from Windows, Kubuntu and Xubuntu are the two versions of Ubuntu using a graphical interface a little similar to Windows.

Note that it is the most used operating system for the Cloud and servers.

Visit the sites of Ubuntu, Xubuntu or Kubuntu for any download

 Linux Mint

Linux Mint, often called Linux Mint, is yet another Linux-based alternative operating system for Microsoft Windows. It is also considered an alternative to Ubuntu, in the free OS sector. Talking about Linux Mint, it is a community-based Linux distribution, unlike Ubuntu. In fact, it is an OS that is based on Debian and Ubuntu.

Website: Linux-Mint

 Chrome OS

The operating system of Google working with the internet because the applications are stored in the cloud. It only works in computers built by Google. It is currently competing with the Windows, especially for the education sector.

By using this OS we are not fully master of its data because they are stored remotely in the cloud and we access it only through the Internet. The system is not recommended for countries where an Internet connection is still a problem.

Mac OS X or MacOS

This is the only exclusive alternative operating system in our list, the great Mac OS X. As you know, this is the official operating system developed by Apple and used in its desktops and laptops. Until 2012, it was known as Mac OS X; then, OS X until 2016. Now, however, it is known as MacOs. As you can guess, macOS is the second most widely used operating system in the world. Technically speaking, macOS is available for devices such as MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac, …

Best Alternative OSs

If you are looking for a professional alternative to Microsoft Windows, MacOS is a name you can count on. Of course, it is very different from Windows but offers a lot of custom features by Apple Inc. Its user interface is what makes macOS different. He is simple, elegant and professional. So, it is better to have a MacBook or iMac if you need true MacOs.


Kubuntu is a specific version of Ubuntu that combines another desktop environment for the Ubuntu system. Technically speaking, Kubuntu is an official flavor of Ubuntu. He used the KDE Plasma desktop environment instead of the Unity system. This means, from the appearance, you can think that it is an entirely different operating system.

As we have said, Kubuntu is an alternative operating system for special purposes. Because it uses KDE Plasma Desktop on top, easier navigation is something promising. The browser is simple and has all the locations in an accessible way.

Remix OS

What do you think about having a full version of Android in your PC? Well, that’s what Remix OS is all about. So, if you want to have the same Android experience on your Windows PC, you should definitely try OS Remix. Of course, it is a Linux-based operating system and you can boot the operating system as you configure Ubuntu or Mint Linux. Remix OS is available for PC and some Android-based devices

In short, Remix OS is the best alternative operating system for those who love the Android environment. There are not many features, but it offers a better multi-tasking experience, speed, and intuitive operation. What do you think?

Kali Linux

Is the operating system appeared in the year 2013 and offer several tools especially for the test of information systems. It is recommended for anyone who wants to get into the world of Hacking and want to test computer networks.

Best Alternative OSs

It is the successor of Backtrack, also based on Debian and is one of the GNU / Linux family, it allows to test penetrations (intrusion) on networks.


We covered the Seven Best Alternative Operating Systems to Windows. So, when you are bored with Microsoft Windows and prefer the change, you can choose one of seven options. In case you have not noticed, most of the operating systems in our list are open source and there are customization options for advanced users.


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