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Top 3 tools to analyze the number of visits from any site

Although it is difficult to know precisely the traffic of a website,

there are however several tools on the online web that can provide statistics on the number of visits to a website and give you a better estimate of the audience of this website for free

Here are some tools to analyze the number of visits to a website

Here, it is a question of having an idea about the traffic of any website to which you do not have access to internal statistics, so you could estimate the number of visitors they have every day, every month or every year.


Alexa is an Amazon tool that ranks websites.

This ranking is based on a combined measure of the number of unique visitors and page views. This ranking is not only based on the traffic of a website but the ranking is a good indicator of the popularity of a site.

By going to, enter the address of a site and Alexa will give you the rank of this site in their rankings according to the frequentation of the site, the number of visits and the popularity of the site.

 analyze any site
analyze any site


SimilarWeb was a tool for finding similar sites and offering more information about a website’s traffic.

 analyze any site
analyze any site

With SimilarWeb, you will learn the number of visitors to a site, the countries of origin of visitors, the average duration per visit in a clean interface.

Traffic reports can be downloaded in.PDF format for offline viewing.


It offers several information about organic SEO. It’s a real Swiss army knife for SEO.

Go to s

, enter the URL of the site and you will instantly.

have several information on the position of the site in Google search results over time,

the sites that send traffic to it and also the keywords that bring it the most visitors.

These are the best tools to measure the audience of a website. Know that there are several other sites to provide you with information about the traffic of a site.

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