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Top 3 Methods To Download A Torrent With Idm (Without Utorrent)

Today, the internet has become an important source of entertainment. New games, movies, complete software, books, … are now available everywhere on the web which can be downloaded for free with Torrent software. However it is also possible to download a torrent movie directly with idm or any other download manager without going through clientTorrent oar example Utorrent, BiTorrent, BitComet …

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Nowadays everyone uses uTorrent to download torrents. On the torrent site, you get the latest free software, movies, music and other content on the internet.

Me, I often use Internet Download Manager to download the torrents with a speed 5 times faster than normal but you can also use one of the alternatives to IDM. With this method you will be able to download on all torrents sites such as CpasBien, Torrent9, KickAss, …

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For those who do not know, the Torrent is necessary to download heavy files on the Internet to avoid a download break or damage files that are encountered in the sites of direct download. With the Torrent there is no risk of having a loss of data; we can stop, restart the download anytime.

Here’s how a BitTorrent client works!

Torrent download speed depends on 3 factors:

  • The leechers: indicates the download in progress
  • Seeders: those who share it and
  • Peers: those sui can transmit a part of files to download

In short, if the seeds are fewer, then it will take a long time to complete your download. In this article, we will present 3 online tools for downloading torrents with IDM.

Top 3 sites to download torrents with IDM without Utorrent

Zbigz is one of the most popular sites for downloading torrent files without torrent. It also provides a free membership and prenium. Free membership allows you to download up to 8GB at a speed of 150Kb / s. Then exceed this limit, you must buy a prenium account

Step 0: Start by downloading the torrent on one of the French torrents sites

Step 1: Go to and upload your torrent then click on “Go”. It may take a little while

Step 2: Once completed, you can finally download your torrent directly without a torrent client on your Android, Iphone or Computer. Click on “Download”

Step 3: Now Zbigz will ask you for a free premium membership or free of charge. Just click on Free and the download will launch


Boxopus also allows you to download torrents files not only via IDM but also allows you to upload files to your Dropbox.

It also works the same way as Zbigz, you have to provide the torrent link or just download the torrent file. Go to Boxopus to start downloading your torrent files with IDM.


This is also another Cloud site to download your torrent file with IDM. It provides many features and also has free accounts and prenium. The free account provides a bandwidth of 10GB.

It also works the same way as the other sites above. It also has an Android and iOS application for downloading files. Go to pCloud to start downloading your Torrent files with IDM.


Personally I use Zbigz and Pcloud to download torrents with IDM. What are you using? Your impressions in the comments

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