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Top 3 best sites to earn money by watching ads

We can stay idle and make money at home thanks to the internet you know? No need to break your head for 8 hours of work time. It is possible to stay on your computer while watching commercials and getting paid.

It is making money without moving from home, just in front of your computer. Here in this article, how to get paid for watching videos, commercials.

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How to get paid while watching ads?

I know you may be wondering how these services make money, well; it’s simple by advertising. They partner with advertising agencies and every time you look at an ad, they get a slice of money. Then they pay you a share too.

These are services called PTC or PPV. PPC is  Pay To Click  and PPV is  Pay Per View :

  • Pay To Click: pay by clicking on the ads
  • Pay Per View: pay by viewing ads

With these sites, you can earn more than $ 15 / day and even more if you have enough free time to play.

All these sites use as payment only PayPal. To create a PayPal account if you do not have it yet.

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Here are some top sites for making money by watching ads

1. daily rewards

With DailyRewards, you will be rewarded for responding to surveys, playing games, watching videos and testing services or offers.

This is one of the sites with a high PTC, up to $ 7 per survey.

The only problem: They do not accept most users from African countries.

2. Neobux

He is the leader in this field. Neobux pays you to watch commercials or play games. Good price varies between 0.001 and 0.01 $ per advertisement or game.

You can also earn $ 1 each time you invite a friend to join Neobux.

3. Clixsense

Clixsense is the best alternative to Neobux to make money on the internet. He is very reliable.

He has several ways to make money:

  • Watch advertisements
  • Play games
  • Complete surveys
  • Try products
  • Download apps (Be paid by testing apps)

It offers up to 2euro by referring to a friend.




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