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Top 25+ Free Sites For Learning To Program (2018-19 edition)

I do not know about you but me personally, if I’m not listening to soft music, watching a good movie or series, reading some ebooks, watching video games or going out to get some fresh air. do not code . That’s how my day ended

But you’re going to ask me, but Ronsard, what are you planning? Nice question. I can not answer your question without clarifying the word Programmer .

What is programming?

To program is to give a series of instructions to the computer to perform a given action. It is instructions expressed by languages ​​known as programming languages . There I spare you the heavy words of different dictionaries.

How a programming language works

Computer programming languages ​​simply allow machines to communicate with each other. It is the programming languages ​​that give orders to tell the machine how to respond to a particular request from the user.

That brings us back to the next point

Which programming languages ​​to choose in 2018 – 2019 And why?

Many developers and programmers choose a programming language as a result of:

  • The ease in learning,
  • The care of,
  • The popularity of a programming language, etc.

Here is a list of the top 20 programming languages ​​according to GitHub , the world’s largest source code host

How to choose a programming language among many others

The choice of a programming language is made according to several:

For the creation of websites: HTML and CSS + PHP and MYSQL
For creating mobile apps: Java, C #

For computer software creation: C, C ++, ADA, C #, Python and Java

Top 25+ Best Sites and Forums to Learn How to Program for Free

Here is our ranking of the best free sites to learn to program in 2018 – 2019 – Forum and Website to download ebooks or books in pdf and source code (scripts)

Known as , available in several languages ​​(Multilingual) it is best free website to learn to program when programming flow.

You will find several in progress including that of JQuery, JavaScritps, HTML and CSS, … in PDF format for free download.

t is from with its forum + ebooks in French (HTML and CSS + PHP and MYSQL of M @ teo21) and with the help of some friends that I realized my treasure and my other websites. – Forum and Website to download ebooks or books in pdf and source code (scripts)

Come in second place, Almost similar to , many developers and programmers get together to discuss their issues. That’s great when you’re stuck in development.  – Open Source Site to Find Source Codes

StackOverflow is my favorite site that I use when I’m blocking a development phase but unfortunately it is only available in the language of Molière ( English ).

GitHub – To find source code for free similar to stackOverFlow, is a free website where you can different solutions to break problems. – Site and Forum To find Video Tutorials, source codes (Scripts) site coded by Jonathan , they offer Training and Video Tutorials in French on (PHP, Object Oriented Programming in PHP (OOP), AngularJS, Laravel PHP Framework, CakePHP PHP Framework). See this YouTube channel here. – To Find Video Tutorials, Source Codes (Scripts) developed by Boris , this free site in French is similar to also offering tutorials video and open source source code.


Below are the other sites to learn free programming


Some developers think that the best solutions are in French. Well, on this point you are wrong. Web sites in French are not rich in content more than the site in English.

If you want to get started in this adventure at least have a concept in English.

Share with us in comment the sites you visit to learn to program to complete and update our list


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