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To Send Sms Free On The Internet: Best Sites And Applications That You Can Use

Well, here is an essential point that we are addressing today! How to send free sms from a pc or smartphone via an internet connection. Is not it great? Let’s go.

We can face this situation when:

  • All networks are down,
  • Wish to send a greeting SMS to a friend to the international,
  • Wish to joke with a friend by sending an anonymous free SMS,
  • In war

Most of you will tell me, why is not just used messaging applications such as WhatsApp , Telegram and others. This is important when you visit a region devoid of 3G, 4G, WiFi, … or can the government block internet access from social networks (eg China).

As you all know, sending an international SMS is expensive compared to sending an SMS locally. So why not use some free sites to send SMS online by computer or smartphone .

Here are the free sites to send unlimited free SMS from a PC or smartphone

Most sites to send text messages online for free have applications that you can download and install on your mobile phone. But he also uses advertising to monetize their work , which is normal since it offers free services.

Here I chose 5 best free sites with less ads to send unlimited free SMS anywhere in the world without registration or transfer fees

Globfone allows you to go from making phone calls with a free phone online, sending free text messages to the international and more without registering or creating an account.

With a user-friendly interface you have the possibility to see the sending of your SMS to the ACKNOWLEDGE receipt once reached the recipient. Great no!

Globfone has an Android application that you can download from Play Store to send free SMS on Android smartphone.

Here is the proof of having received an SMS online from with my own number

Come in second place, a website that allows you to send unlimited free SMS worldwide.

Here’s how to send unlimited free text messages from

1. Go to, fill in the phone number of the recipient, enter your message, validate Google’s anti-bot protection “Recaptcha” then “Send SMS”.

Here’s the proof of having received an SMS online from on my own number

MesTextos is the French leader in free SMS. With MesTextos, you can send free SMS to and from any country via the Internet.

I also tested MesTextos but unfortunately he asks to create an account. Never mind you can also try it and let us know in comment.

That’s it, share the trick with your friends so that they can send SMS online for free and unlimited through an internetconnection if they do not have credit



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