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Top tips and tricks WhatsApp 2019

With over 1.2 billion monthly active users. The WhatsApp messaging app is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world. Do you know all the WhatsApp tips? In this article, we offer you a top 10 secret tips and tricks WhatsApp.

Top tips and tricks WhatsApp 2019 to know absolutely

Write in Bold, italic, strikethrough on WhatsApp

It is now possible to add bold, italic and strikethrough to a message. Here’s how to write a “osxtechtips” in bold, italic, strikethrough on WhatsApp:

* osxtechtips *: for fat, just put the word between two *.

_ osxtechtips _: for italics, just put the word in two _.

~ osxtechtips ~: for the barre, just put the word between two ~.

Hide WhatsApp images from the gallery

You have received or sent photos that you want to keep personal, and you make them inaccessible from your Android’s gallery, here’s how to do it.
With a file manager, navigate to the memory card> WhatsApp> WhatsApp images and create a file named “.nomedia“.

Stop automatic download of photos, videos, and audios

If you are on a mobile network and you have a reduced internet package, this tip is very useful for reducing data consumption.
In WhatsApp> Settings> Conversations, and there you can change the settings according to your choices. It is advisable to block the automatic download of videos and audio.

Hide your profile picture

In WhatsApp> Settings> Privacy, and there you can change the settings as you want.

Protect your WhatsApp

The best app to protect access to your WhatsApp with a password is WhatsLock

To hack a friend’s WhatsApp

If you can access a friend’s smartphone, here’s how to get your messages back quickly.
In its file manager, navigate to the memory card> WhatsApp> Databases and just copy the two files “msgstoreyyyy..dd..db.crypt” and “msgstore.db.crypt“. The first file contains his last conversations of the week and the second file contains his conversations of the day. To read them use even a simple text editor like notepad for example.

Change a friend’s profile picture

You can change the profile picture of one of your contacts in your smartphone a good joke to make to friends.
You should have a photo, resize it to 561 × 561 and name it with your friend’s number and then save it in SD Card> WhatsApp> Profile Pictures, overwrite the previous one if it already exists.
Now disable the internet connection (mobile data or Wifi) than in WhatsApp, your friend’s profile picture will automatically change.

Create a fake WhatsApp conversation

A very good joke also to a friend. You just need to download the application “WhatsAid”.

Use WhatsApp on PC

You can use WhatsApp from your computer just by going to or by installing an android: bluestacks emulator.

These are the best tips and tricks WhatsApp 2019 to know absolutely, if they go more, share them with your friends on social networks and on … WhatsApp.


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