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The Best Free Text Editors For Developer In 2019

Are you new to programming and you have been looking for a text editor to make your life easier by writing your codes with a syntactical hierarchy? I present to you today the most widespread and best text editors in my opinion for editing programming codes .

What is a text editor?

text editor is a piece of software, working like your word processing program that allows you to write, correct and print written documents such as Microsoft Word or Writer that allows you to write codes.

Role of a code editor

text editor allows you to write source codes to be compiled after with a code interpreter or compilers but this is done with a Syntax coloring to allow you to differentiate the keywords of a given language. This is called ”  syntax highlighting  “.

Top of the best free text editors to code in 2019

Sublime Text

Available since 2008 and created by Jon Skinner, “Sublime” my first choice and it has several advantages:

    • It existed in its primitive form for Windows and Mac OS X and currently it is available under Linux.
    • It offers different syntax highlighting options
    • The layout is fully customizable
    • He is light

Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is a source code editor that supports multiple languages. It uses the same component as SciTE. It offers the possibility of auto-completion of text with certain languages ​​by proposing a list of useful basic functions. Everything is configurable. Default syntax highlighting is very relevant.
Distributed free under GPL license.


Brackets is a popular text editor that was launched by Adobe in 2014. It was developed for front-end web designers and developers. With this lightness, this source code editor comes with all the qualities of a modern code editor. It is an HTML5 text editor  (web programming: PHP, CSS, JS, ..) for Windows and Mac OS X.

It also has features similar to those of Notepad ++ and Sublime Text as recognition of the programming language, it allows in addition to view the result of the source code, that is to say interpreted JavaScript code. This feature is called “live preview” and is only available with the ” Google Chrome  ” browser  for now.

An excellent editor in code mode under Windows. Has a lot of features and practical details. In addition, it is very light. It looks a lot like Notepad ++, we can add extensions, available on the official website.
It includes Tidy (for checking / correcting HTML code), as well as various HTML-specific tools: HTML compression, reformatting, color pipette with RGB (Red, green, Blue) insertion, CSS reformatting, etc.
Syntax highlighting can take into account several languages ​​in the same page: HTML, php, Javascript …


Excellent, light, simple and effective (free especially :)). Bluefish does well with Linux too.


Visual studio code


Regarding the choice or the taste, Me personally, I use Notepad ++ . So I let you make your desire according to your choice. If you have another one that gives you a very good result, thank you for sharing it with us in comment!



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