The Best Free Streaming Sites In French For Watching Movies & Series

To find the best free streaming sites can sometimes be quite difficult. In my opinion it is simply because the tops site of movies and series tend to disappear quite frequently. This makes one have to be constantly searching for new pages.

I do not know about you but me, in front of my computer, when I’m not working on an article for Osxtechtips , most of the time I’m watching a good movie. This is my favorite hobby.

You have two ways to consume movies and series: Watch them free streaming without downloading or downright downloading them to your computer and / or smartphone to watch them later. In addition, since many of our visitors ask us to add sites to watch movies on mobile, this is now verified and indicated where it is needed. Knowing that here we will focus on the first way. So here in this article are the best free streaming sites without registration to watch movies & series in full in French on your PC or Smartphone.

Check back here from time to time to check the new options, since the rankings change quite often. And so remember to add this page to your favorites to come back later.

Top 10+ Best Free Streaming Sites Without Registration to Watch 2019 Series & Movies

This is the free streaming site to shoot for the rights holders. Whether you want to watch movies or anime series, this is the place. Like its buddies, the site hosts nothing, but simply referencing and ranking the best content of PureVid, Dailymotion or other RuTube. It is possible to choose between dubbing in French or versions in VOSTFR.


VoirFilms is also a reference for its quality and the number of hosts offered. It offers movies, series and anime distributed in category. All the novelties are there: the latest releases cine as the older works … This free streaming site without registration provides the download of top quality! He is the one I consult every day.


The Best Free Streaming Sites
The Best Free Streaming Sites

Full-stream is a nice free streaming site with choice and quality movies, but which displays advertisements in packages of two or three. The built-in player is very good and displays HD without an eyebrow. Nice: it is possible to search by host. If you have a paid account on one of these sites (PureVid, etc.) you can find your happiness more quickly …


The Best Free Streaming Sites
The Best Free Streaming Sites

If you are allergic to subtitles, StreamComplet is for you since you will only find videos in the language of Cyril Hanouna (so French, not Mongolian). Be careful, you will only find movies and no series or mangas. It seems that StreamComplet focuses on less known hosts (in Russia in particular) to prevent users from having to go through a bridle.


The Best Free Streaming Sites
The Best Free Streaming Sites is a free streaming site that updates VF and VOSTFR movies and series in HD to track them in full and in French for free and without limit on your PC or Smartphone.

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Here you really have the best free streaming site. From the home page we have the impression that there is something to choose. Indeed, the menu offers several categories, including science fiction, animation, fantasy, comedy, action, … What I like about them is the simplicity of finding what the we search. IPad and mobile users will be able to watch movies on their phones using the new HTML5 video technology.


This is a free French streaming site that includes movies and series officially available on YouTube and Vimeo.

PapyStreaming is another great alternative for watching movies for free. This site is simple, from the homepage available to the catalog. You have just watched your movie in free streaming HD quality, click Play and everything loads

The Best Free Streaming Sites
The Best Free Streaming Sites


You can also adjust the screen resolution of the movie up to 1080p. You can scroll forward and watch in full screen. It’s really a wonderful site.

It also works with the mobile browser on your iPhone, iPad and Android device. This site is highly recommended without advertising.


A free movie site offering a beautiful dark interface that does not dazzle the eyes at night. Manga fans will love this place. To watch series simply press the button at the top. Each page is indicated in VF, VOSTF, or in French version. Forums user reviews say it’s the best free streaming site for movie and series. We must believe them since it would be the top 10 most visited pages in France.


Known on the Liberty Land address. is a free streaming site that also offers free movies, anime, series, documentaries. See even downloading software and games.


When looking for sites to watch movies and series we rarely find options without ads and other nuisance. Yet this option is exactly this rare case. The pages are noted in dvdrip, ts, or dvdscr – which often represents high definition quality.

Other free 2019 streaming sites for French movies and series

  • SerieFR
  • Vkstreaming
  • Skstream
  • k streaming
  • SokroStream
  • Streamiz-filmze
  • Filmotv
  • YouMoviz
  • Etc





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