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The Best 2019 Direct Download Torrents Sites For Movies & TV Shows

In previous years, the number of torrent users has increased dramatically as torrent sites remain the best places to download movies, videos, games, software ( ILLEGALLY ) as well as streaming sites .

If you connect torrent side, you should probably know KickAssTorrens , Torrent9 , Cpasbien or Torrent411 , They are part of the best popular torrents sites in the world, unfortunately these direct download sites ferment or their contents are English. Fortunately in this article we will introduce you to the best French torrents sites in 2019 to download movies & series, music, Ebooks, PS & Xbox games, free software .

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In this article I tell you about the best sites of reliable French torrents, which offer you good content, which will not show you porn instead of Henry Potter .

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Before diving into the heart of the matter, Here is an introduction to Torrents and how to download them if you had no idea how to download a torrent where well what is a torrent.

NOTE: The downloading of copyrighted content without the express permission of the rights holders is prohibited by law. This is the case for most torrents sites. It is up to the user to check whether the content he downloads is offered without the agreement of the rightholders.

List of 10 best French torrents sites to download movies & series in 2019

1. Torrent9 (ex – new address:

Torrent9 is now the best French torrent site that offers direct download of movies and series in French. The Torrent9 download site only offers torrent in French. Currently he occupies the 5.201 in the ranking of best French torrent download sites.

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2. cPasAlthough – new address (or domain name):

Cpasbien is among the top site torrents in French to download torrents easily and quickly with the system of pubic trackers


3. YggTorrent (ex – new address:

YggTorrent  developed by the French speaking BiTorrent community, this brand new download site has managed to position itself among the best sites of French torrents from day to day.

One of the biggest flaws is that it requires registering on their YGG site before downloading the torrents.

4. GkTorrent (formerly – new address:

GkTorrent very similar to Torrent9 and NexTorrent, this torrent download site offers similar content to other top-rated torrents sites.

5. Zone-Download (ex – new address:

If you are looking for a direct download site (DLL or download) software, music, movies and free series (Edition 2019), then DIRECTORY DOWNLOAD is what you need. It currently occupies the position 20 of the most visited sites in France.

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6. (formerly – new address:

As its name suggests, Link-Torrent is the torrent download site that offers the latest news from French torrents. At present it occupies the position 1.180 of the most visited site in France.

7. OmgTorrent – Address:


9. T411 – Address:

10. OxTorrent – (ex UltimateTorrent & NexTorrent)


These are the most popular torrents sites for downloading movies & series in French. If you liked the publication, be sure to share it with your friends too.


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