The authentication system with a photo arrives on Facebook

Facebook is testing a new technique to identify its members: a photo of the face to replace the CAPTCHA anti-robot service that Google offers. To access their account, some Facebook members are asked to take a picture of their face.

The authentication system
The authentication system

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The social network tests an innovative technology to no longer depend on CAPTCHA, which robots manage to thwart.

Since artificial intelligence is now able to beat CAPTCHA,

web service publishers need to find alternatives to verify

that their users are not just machines trying to access their sites.

This is probably why  Facebook is testing a new original technique:

the selfie to replace the CAPTCHA.

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To validate the identity of a member, the social network asks him to upload a photo on which his face is clearly identifiable. Once on the servers of the social network, the photo is analyzed by Facebook’s facial recognition algorithms. And so, without using CAPTCHA, access to the account is unlocked …

The authentication system

Facebook has decided to test this innovative technology to control access to many of its services, such as asking friends, placing ads online or changing personal information.

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If successful, Facebook could generalize this original system eventually, although the approach involves some constraints for members.




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