Test the new advanced Gmail protection


A new form of protection is emerging to improve the security of Gmail accounts: Advanced Protection.
To boost the security of their Gmail accounts, Google’s email users can switch to ” Advanced Protection ” mode, with the ultra-secure operation.

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Of course, to benefit from this mode of reinforced security, it is better to be ready to do away with the speed and ease of use of Gmail. But Google has launched this feature for a sensitive audience, regularly the victim of attacks or cyber espionage: political staff, journalists, celebrities …

The operation of  Gmail Advanced Protection is based on a dual physical security key. The service recommends an authentication key type Yubico FIDO U2F or Feitian MultiPass FIDO. This allows Google to dispense with sending SMS to validate the identification of the user:

too easy to intercept and therefore manipulate.

Only physical keys find favor with Google. Once enabled,  dual physical authentication will lock access to Google services like Drive, Gmail, and more.

provided you go through the chrome browser on PC or an Android smartphone.

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And with the Advanced Protection mode,

several loss of account alternatives are put into play by a simple act of forgetfulness:

if the user loses access, several days are necessary to recover his account …




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