Test Spotlight an improved version of Spotify

Spotify is revolutionizing music streaming with Spotlight. a service that now offers a feature that adds visual elements to audio tracks. Thanks to partners like BuzzFeed, Spotify offers images, videos, and text on some of its content.

Spotify opts for innovation to try to maintain. its dominant position in the music streaming market. Faced with competitors who are aggressive with a cheaper subscription, Spotify offers Spotlight, a visual revolution enriching its service. Thus, the platform continues its work to leave the pure audio niche and offer. its users visual elements related to the soundtrack.

Spotify and its revolutionary new version Spotlight (music streaming)

Spotify continues to evolve in the highly competitive music streaming market. After redesigning the interface of his Android application, he continues his efforts on visual content, already available for two years. The spotlight will correct the shooting and adapt the images, videos and texts to the audio track listened to. Thus, fans of an artist, a media, a playlist or a book will benefit from visual contextual elements. An audio track will then look like a clip and the newsletters will be supported by images.

In short, Spotify offers with Spotlight richer content. But the service is not intended to supplant audio by the image. The visual elements will keep a secondary and optional status in relation to the sound. They will not be necessary for global understanding but will be a nice bonus.

Courtney William Holt, Spotify’s Video Content Manager, introduces Spotlight as a new format that merges audio and visual elements into a playlist in a number of categories.

For more information, we turn to our colleagues for more discoveries and implementation of this new platform.



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