Soon the end of the birth (Neutrality) of the Net

On December 14, the telecom regulator in the United States must decide on the elimination of net neutrality. Without this guarantee that all content on the Internet has the same access to the network, it is the whole face of the web that would be upset.

(Neutrality) of the Net
(Neutrality) of the Net

In the arcane power of Washington DC, the battle is raging.

A few days before the decision of the all-powerful FCC, US access providers and high-tech giants struggle to tip the balance in their favor. The former want the right to sell priority access to the Internet. The latter want at all costs to preserve the neutrality of the Net, which allows them to transit their content and services without any discrimination in terms of speed.

Caught in the crossfire, US consumers are reacting only weakly to what could be a cataclysm of the web ecosystem as it has developed since the 1990s. Yet the end of network neutrality looks good and well programmed in the project of the president of the Federal Communications Commission.

If its text is adopted on  December 14  (link in English), telecom operators will be able to charge their bandwidth as they see fit.

Resource-intensive content providers   – such as video streaming services   – will then have to pay more than service providers that consume less bandwidth. What quickly create a two-speed web, the opposite of what has been the success of the network so far.


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