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Smartphone: unusual tips and tricks you do not know

This everyday object is always in our pocket, and it is possible to make it even more useful than it is thought with some little malignant tips. Here are some unusual tips to know absolutely to simplify your life! Tricks you do not know about the smartphone

Do you need a camping lamp? Or do you want to find a simple way to fit your smartphone so you can watch YouTube more comfortably? Discover some really useful tips!

1. Use an object as a support

Are you streaming fans like me? Do you know that it was possible with your glasses to watch videos on YouTube or even Streaming only if comfortably put your smartphone on it? Result: an excellent support fortune!

Tricks you do not know about the smartphone
Tricks you do not know about the smartphone

2. Boost the sound of the speaker with a cup or a glass

Your Bluetooth speaker has no battery, you do not have your charger and the evening is not over yet? Do not panic, there is an unstoppable way to boost the sound of your smartphone’s speaker, simply by placing it in a glass or a cup.

3. Use your smartphone as a wallet or card holder

You go to a concert hand in the pockets with only your keys and your smartphone and of course your credit card and some tickets, just to buy you to drink or eat. Why not protect them by placing them directly in the cover of your smartphone? At least you’ll be sure not to lose them.

4. Use airplane mode to charge faster

We all know what airplane mode is but we never use it, except by plane of course. Still, this option can be very useful when in a hurry. Imagine that you have a very important appointment and that 30 minutes before leaving, you realize that you need to charge your phone. Pass it in airplane mode while loading, it will charge then 20% faster.

Tricks you do not know about the smartphone
Tricks you do not know about the smartphone
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We wish you good learning of these tips that the majority of users of smartphones ignore.


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