Reviews On HDS1 – A Free Streaming Website For Animated Movies and HD Series

Currently we have more than a hundred streaming sites to watch movies, anime and favorite series on the internet. However it is not easier for us to make a choice among all these streaming sites on the market. But only a few small points can make the difference between these streaming sites.

In this little post, I present you another streaming site not bad at all, it’s about HDS1

I’m sure that by seeing his name, you’re thinking directly of the HDS streaming site that was closed a little while ago facing a number of reasons I’m not going to list. But here it’s not HDS but HDS1

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Presentation of HDS1

On HDS1.To you can watch movies, TV shows streaming on the internet without uploading files.

A Free Streaming Website for animated
A Free Streaming Website for animated

More still you would find some good benefits and surprises:

Catalog of movies and series available in streaming

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Each streaming site has its own way of doing the selection. On HDS1, the categories for Movies, Series are presented as follows: Action & Adventure, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, War, History, Horror, Kids, Music, Mystery, News, Reality, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Soap, TV Movie, Thriller, War & Politics, Western

Moreover with its advanced search engine system, you can search movies and series by Country, actor (s), genres, servers, years …

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Unlimited Streaming VF

The contents on hds1 is proposed in VF (French version). So all films and series are in French and not in Chinese, Russian, Hungarian or Spanish.

In addition your film in VF or VOSTFR can be watched on several supports: PC, television HD, tablets, smartphone.

Streaming and speed

To watch a movie streaming on Hds1 it’s simple. Just select the movie you want then press the PLAY button and playback will start.

A Free Streaming Website for animated
A Free Streaming Website for animated

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I almost tell you essential about HSD1 which claims to be among the sites that claim to be replacing HDS in the coming days. To you the keyboard to leave a comment on this subject.


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