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Payoneer Guide 3: How to Transfer Payoneer Funds to Bank Account + Evidence

Already you know how to transfer money from a Paypal account to a Payoneer account (to see here) and that is that know a Payoneer account in the case contrary to consult this article.

As a reminder, an account payable to many benefits to know:

+ Get a free Payoneer Mastercard to shop online, make ATM withdrawals (ATM) or ATM
+ Global payment service Payoneer allows you to withdraw money from your Paypal account without a bank account, receive payments from the largest commercial networks (for example: Fiverr, Clixsense, Aid booth, …) in several currencies including €, $, £, ¥ (DOLLARS, EURO, GBP …)
+  Earn $ 25 free for sponsorship (you and the sponsored)
+ And even more

Today in this article, I’m going to show you how to transfer Payoneer funds to a bank account via the withdrawal service to a bank account through the bank transfer payoneer. Without further ado, let’s go.

Tuto: How to transfer your pay one funds to your local bank account

Step 1: Log in to your pay one account with your login credentials. If you do not have a day one account. So open one here and win $ 25 free

Step 2: Once on Payoneer, Go to “Withdrawing a bank account” and then “Select a withdrawal currency” is a USD

Step 3: It’s time to Enter the withdrawal information (Select a bank, the amount and a small description for the withdrawal) then click on “Review”

Note: It is noted that the minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USD – Maximum 10,000 USD (Min-Max)

In addition, if you have several local bank accounts on your pay one account, Ex: one at EquityBank and the other at TMB just choose an account that will receive the bank transfer. To you the choice here

Step 4: Click on “Withdraw” After checking if the information entered in Step 3 is correct

Evidence showing receipt of the bank transfer payment to my bank account at EquityBank DRC (Procredit Bank)

On the screenshots below, I make a withdrawal request on February 25, 2019, in the amount of $ 152 + $ 15 set by Payoneer as a bank transfer fee And the money reached me on February 27, 2019 (ie 2 days)


This is how I withdraw my funds on my account Payoneer without the MasterCard Free Payoneer in Rdc. If you like the article, share it with your friend (s).


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