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Orange: How to reset your Alcatel Onetouch Modem (Airbox – 65AE)

Are you looking for a method to reset your Orange Alcatel OneTouch Airbox-65AE Modem for a while? You have come to the right place to make your Modem have its factory settings.

Why reset your modem

Most of the time we opt for this method because of different reasons, such as:

  • The identifying couple (His login and his password)
  • Etc …

This happened to me personally once I had forgotten my pair of username (username and password) to access my admin interface because I had to change some of my settings including changing the key to my WI-FI network because of the many people who connect to my network without knowing it.

That’s how I look for the solution to my problem everywhere on the Web, including on the ORANGE provider’s official website but unfortunately for me, I still had not found the solution to my problem and so I only fell to bad places. So, I have seen fit to write this article to help you reset your modem in less than 1min max and that for free.

How to reset it?

Nowadays several models (brands) of Modem are widespread on the markets and have an integrated reset system from the manufacturing house to allow us to simply reset any kind of modem when confronted with different problems such as loss of password, username, WI-FI Key, … But unfortunately for the Alcatel OneTouch Modem does not have this feature and this is where the problem becomes more difficult when you want to resure your modem. ‘is not?

So, here is a simple and practical solution to fix this problem:

1. Switch off your Modem beforehand

2. Press the WPS button and the Power (On and Off) button for about 10 or 15 seconds simultaneously and then release as in the picture below.

3. Then wait for a few seconds to automatically restart Modem after Step # 2,

4. To access your interface, simply use the default identifiers (username: admin and password: admin) and this all to access your administrator interface

This is how I managed to reset my Alcatel OneTouch modem without the reset method and it worked. I also let you try it on your side.

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