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How to use an iPhone as a Webcam on Mac or Windows – Tutorial 2019

When you are away from home, you tend to think about what is happening in your home, especially if no one is there to do the nanny or take care of it. Or, you need to do an online video chat with your business partner or friend, but your computer does not support the camera.

In the scenarios listed above, it is best to have a webcam installed in your home. However, a high quality webcam is very expensive; so why not use your iPhone as a webcam? Since the iPhone has become a frequently used device to contact and most of us have one or two.

What application to download to use your iPhone as a Webcam on Mac or Windows

On the internet, there are many applications available that turn your iPhone into a webcam. But the procedure we are going to tell you is simple and very easy. So, without wasting time, we will proceed to the steps to use the iPhone camera as webcam.

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Web Camera

Available on the Apple Store, this app will connect your device’s camera to your wireless PC.

Download and install Web Camera

Mobiola Web Camera

Available on PC, It is a tool that provides a wireless connection between devices

Download and install the Mobiola Web Camera tool

Now you have to link the two devices to the same wifi network to which both devices are connected.

Here you are finished! Now try any of the network like skype, etc. to test if your webcam is working properly.

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