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How to take advantage of net neutrality even while abroad?

You may have heard about it in recent times, but more and more countries are implementing reforms to abolish net neutrality on their territory. For us who are accustomed to accessing a neutral internet and where all websites have the same speed of connection (at least in theory), it may seem completely liberticidal. And even if we are not directly concerned at the moment, it is enough to go on a trip to the United States or in a country no longer practicing the neutrality of the net to suffer the consequences. But do not worry, we have just concocted a little guide to chew and continue to enjoy a neutral and free internet, anywhere in the world.

A quick reminder of what net neutrality is

Neutrality of the Net (or Net Neutrality in Shakespeare’s language) is one of the founding principles of the internet which means that all sites and services based on the Internet all have the same priority of connection.

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The information transiting the web is divided into small units that are called packets that pass independently of each other before being reconstituted once received by the end user.

Each of these packages is supposed to have the same speed of transfer, regardless of its site or service of origin, but since the end of net neutrality in some countries, this is no longer the case. This means that the network gives a higher priority to packets from large websites that have partnered with Internet Service Providers, while smaller sites are forced to experience speed limits. So the same video could load in a few seconds on a big website while it could take several hours on a small site. In short, the neutrality of the net is above all to ensure the equality of websites and services between them.

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How to keep a neutral internet, even abroad

To continue to enjoy free and neutral internet. as if you were at home, there are not many solutions. it must be arranged that the packets that pass through your network are not discernible by your Local Internet Service Provider, so he can not give them more or less debt. And to do this, you do not have much choice, you have to go through what is called a VPN.

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A VPN is an internet service that sends your connection information through what is called a VPN tunnel.

Your Internet Service Provider can not access details of packets passing through this tunnel, and therefore cannot allocate more speed to any particular packet. In addition, by using the services of a professional VPN like those offered by ExpressVPN, you will have access to over a hundred different servers that will also allow you to access restricted content only in certain countries (such as certain Netflix exclusives for example). To know that in addition to a quality VPN also allows you to protect your computer or your smartphone when you use it on a public network (like in an airport) and to avoid being intercepted your personal data.

We advise you to avoid as much as possible the free VPNs which often do not protect your data and which can even put them in danger.

How to use a VPN and keep a neutral internet?

It’s very simple, once you have created an account on ExpressVPN. for example (and that’s good they just offer a free trial month!), You only have to download an application for your computer smartphone.

All you need to do is log in with your credentials, choose a server, and that’s it!

To you net neutrality, everywhere in the world!




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