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How to take a screenshot on Android

It may seem difficult at first glance to take a screenshot on an Android mobile, but this can be done quite easily thanks to the detailed handling below. No software or additional hardware is needed to achieve this.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android equips one phone or tablet out of two in the world, its main competitor being the operating system IOS present on the devices of the firm Apple, while Microsoft runs his own Windows.

Based on Linux, Android is, therefore, mobile and open operating system, which uses its own shortcuts to perform computer operations.

What is a screenshot?

When surfing the internet, it can be useful to be able to take a screenshot, that is to say, to capture what we see on the screen, without having need to install specific software. Thus, it is possible to capture the entire screen or even select only a defined part, to save it as an image file.

take a screenshot on Android
take a screenshot on Android

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How to take a screenshot on Android

To take a screenshot on an Android device, you need to go through the following steps:

  • hold down the ” home ” button and take the screenshot by pressing the on/off button at the same time;
  • the captured image will then be stored in the ” Gallery ” folder on the camera’s memory card, or on your possible SD card.

Special case: the WhatsApp and Snapchat application

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WhatsApp and Snapchat are the most used apps, allowing users to share images or videos instantly. These images or videos have the particularity to be ephemeral, since they are visible only for a specific duration as for example at WhatsApp they have a duration of 24 hours and at SnapChat ranging from 2 to 10 seconds, before being deleted definitely by the application. However, there are specific manipulations allowing you to save the received photos, through screenshots or download from the application as for the case of WhatsApp who offers to save the status (images and videos) of your friends in the gallery of his Android smartphone.

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And for SnapChat :

 1. The first, and best known, is to keep your finger on the pictogram square, present when you receive a photo from one of your contacts. He is then aware that you have saved his photo as a screenshot.

2. The second is a bit more difficult to perform and takes advantage of a bug



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