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How to speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7 pc

Have you been looking for a long time how to speed up the startup of your computer? Does your PC spend more than 3 minutes in the boot? Today, you will discover the real practical tips, which will boost the startup of your computer in record time!

By reading this article, you can save up to 5 minutes of startup time. Discover, the 5 ways I chose among many others allowing you to boost the startup time of your computer. Tips that I tested personally.

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5 Tips to boost and speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7 PC

1. How to boost startup time by optimizing the Bios?

In fact, the BIOS ( Basic Input Output System ) is the first program that runs when a computer starts. It is located directly on the motherboard and allows the control of the components of the computer components such as (Hard disk, DVD player, …). When the computer starts, the Biosproceeds to a hardware scan list and proceeds to examine the floppy disk drive, CD / DVD drives, USB ports, and hard drive for several seconds.

Normally, if the Bios first scan the hard drive, it will launch the Windows faster than if the same Bios leaves the hard drive scan last. So you need ( to speed up Windows startup ) put your hard drive in the boot list first! To access the Bios, each computer has its own key … the most used keys are Delete, F1, F10 … If you have an English Bios, access with the direction of the arrows ” Boot Sequence“, and place your hard drive first …

Note: Remember to put the CD / DVD drive first the day you would like to boot from a CD to install/reinstall your Windows.

2. Disable unnecessary programs that start at startup

speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7
speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7

By disabling unnecessary programs that launch automatically during Windows startup you increase more than 95% the boot of your PC. To do this, open the command window ”  execute  “, enter ”  msconfig  ” and confirm Enter.

speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7
speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7

After running the ” msconfig  ” command, click the ” Startup  ” tab at the top, click ”  Open Task Manager  “, choose the program to disable then disable. As the picture shows below.

3. Disable unnecessary services

Windows services are processes that start at Windows startup and run in the background. However, many of them are not necessarily useful and needlessly take up resources from your computer. To disable a service or to prevent it from launching automatically, click  Start  >  Run  > Enter the command ”  Services.msc  ” and confirm.

speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7
speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7

A window named ”  Services  ” will appear, you will be able to know if a service is activated or not in the heading Startup type Either (Manual, automatic, deactivated) if it starts automatically in the starting of Windows or not.

speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7
speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7

To disable a service, double-click on it and set the Startup Type list to ”  Disabled  ” . Then restart your computer.

speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7
speed up the startup of your Windows 10/8/7

Starting your computer will be faster by disabling these unnecessary services. You will notice that after the first reboot

 4. Materials not used!

While your computer is booting up, it loads a very large number of drivers, which you may not need! First, you need to distinguish which components you do not need, for example, you can disable the old communication port used by printers in the old days … To disable a component on Windows, follow these steps:

  • Click Start,
  • Right-click on ”  My Computer  ” if you are using Windows XP, ”  Computer  ” if you are using Windows Seven, or Windows Vista, then click ”  Properties  “. The system window will open …
  • Click  Device Manager  “directly if you are using Windows 7 or Vista, and if you are using Windows XP click on the” Hardware  ” tab at the top, then click on”  Device Manager  “,
  •  The device manager will open … Select the device or component you want to disable it (example: floppy disk drive, communication port …),
  •  Click the right mouse button and then click ”  Disable  “. Do not disable any hardware, as this can damage your computer

5. Install an Anti-Virus!

You expose yourself to mischievous viruses that seek to slow down your computer and reduce the performance of your computer. As a human being, your computer needs to protect itself from attacks coming from outside, attacking them that can decrease the performance of your computer

So, do not hesitate to install an Anti-Virus on your computer! And installing a good Anti-Virus will help you avoid being a victim of a fault that can cost ten times the price of an Anti-Virus. And will certainly help you speed up and boost the startup time of your computer.

There you go! You now know the tricks that I personally use with my computer, you can apply them on all kinds of computers to accelerate startup! If it helped you do not hesitate to share your experience with me.



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