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How to root an Android phone – Complete guide

Often compared to the Jailbreak of the iPhone, root on Android is actually much further. The iPhone jailbreak allows you to install applications from unknown sources . Android is already possible without root : just check a simple option in the Android settings .

Definition of “root”?

Originally, the root word is used to designate the super user account on Linux, that is, the super system administrator, the one who has all the rights to the device and who can  modify all the elements of the OS as it sees fit, including sensitive files. Root literally means root in English.

Since Android is based on a Linux kernel, this administrator system with full powers also exists.

Why root an Android?

In most cases, root is not available on Android devices that you buy. This lack of native root is actually a security issue so that ordinary users do not touch sensitive files and inadvertently damage the device.

So, rooting your phone or tablet, it means becoming the “all-powerful” system administrator and having all the rights on his Android phone to do a lot of wonderful things  and satisfy the fans of customization and DIY, what we’re going to do see below – but maybe some nonsense that may require you to reset the smartphone, or in some cases turn it into high-tech brick.

The main benefits you’ll get after rooting your Android phone

1. Uninstall unnecessary applications installed by the brand or the operator

As you well know, brands and operators install their own default applications (bloatware) on our phones and tablets, while many of them will never serve you. Thanks to root , you will be able to uninstall them and thus make room in your phone and keep only the essentials.

2. Back up and restore your applications

Backing up applications and your data is extremely useful when you change phones, for example. Many applications are available on Google Play to do this like Titanium Backup , but require root .

Once this is done, you can easily find all your backups, including games and personal information of your applications. This is just one example of the great possibilities root can offer you.

3. Install newer versions of Android and change ROMs

The only devices that offer you quick updates to the latest version of Android (and its enhancements) are those in Google’s Nexus family. If you have other devices, you can sometimes wait long enough to benefit from it, or not at all.

Thanks to root , you will be able to install a new ROM, that is to say a new operating system on your phone or tablet, and have the latest version of Android or modified versions with their lots of improvements. One of the most famous ROMs is CyanogenMod recently became LineAge OS. The Android community is very strong at this level, as you will see on our Forum.

4. Improve performances

Changing ROMs and having a newer version of Android can improve performance – but the more adventurous of you can go one step further in trying to get the full potential of your device .

You will be able to act on the frequency of operation of the processor (overclocking) and thus improve the overall performances. Be careful however, it is not without risk for your equipment and you must know what you are doing.


It all depends on the manipulations you make. If you just do simple manipulations, there will never be a problem. But if you erase system files by mistake … it’s not the same music anymore!

Insofar as you touch the heart of the phone, the root  has a real risk for the smartphone . It’s never very fun to turn it into brick. Do not attempt the adventure unless you know where you are and follow the tutorials for your device.

How to root an Android?

If you want to root your Android phone so that you can have full control of your phone, but you still fall on complicated tutorials, I have what you need. Here is a very easy method

Root an android phone with kingo root software

King Android Root is a Windows based software that allows you to root in 1 click any phone or tablet Android and almost. S3, S4, Xperia Z, HTC One, Huawei, … etc.

Steps to root a phone with Kingo Root

 1. Remember to make a backup of your phone, then download the Kingo Root app

Note : Some antivirus detects it as a virus, so disable the antivirus during this operation. Then activate the USB Debugging in the settings -> Development options of the latter,

2. Connect the phone to the computer, launch King Android and click on the big orange button ” ROOT “.

It only takes 1 to 2 minutes , and your phone will be rooted.

3 . Restart the phone and you’re done.



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