How to remove and organize Quick Access yourself on Win10

In this article, you will discover some methods to better enjoy the Quick Access menu by adding your folders/programs that you open on a regular basis (Permanent).

Benefits “Quick Access” on Windows 10.

Some users prefer to use “Quick Access”:

+To facilitate access to their files/folders quickly.
+ Have control over their system, manually specifying shortened folders.

And that’s the purpose of this tip, allowing you to edit folders on “Quick Access” as you like.

How to Organize the “Quick Access” list under Windows 10:

1. Start by right-clicking on “Quick Access” and then choosing “Options”

Quick Access on Win10
Quick Access on Win10

2. You can access Folder Options through the Control Panel.

Then uncheck the following choices in “Privacy Statement”:

+ View recently used files in Quick Access
+ View recently used folders in Quick Access

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Then click “OK”, now Windows will no longer take care of the automatic management of Quick Access

Quick Access on Win10
Quick Access on Win10

3. Right, click on the folders or files you would like to add to Quick Access and then click “Pin in Quick Access”.

Quick Access on Win10
Quick Access on Win10

4. To remove a folder from the list, simply right-click and choose “Unpin the Quick Access”

Quick Access on Win10
Quick Access on Win10

That was all for this tutorial, I hope it helped you better use your Windows system. If you have questions do not hesitate to put them in comments!

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Delete Quick Access

By default, when you open File Explorer in Windows 10, you come directly to Quick Access.

However, you may only need to access the classic Explorer view, ie the disks and other shortcuts defined by the operating system by default.

To do this, go to the Quick Access options by clicking with the right mouse button. Select Options from the pop-up menu that opens.

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On the General tab of the following window, click the Open File Explorer drop-down menu. Then select This PC from the list. Finally, click the OK button to save the changes you just made.

Now, when you use the combination [Win + E] or open File Explorer by any means, the window presents a classic view of the folders on your computer.


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