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How to navigate a website without an internet connection on Android & Pc

Sometimes, during our browsing, we can see interesting articles on several websites and unfortunately we navigate with a low-speed connection or maybe the time has come. In this kind of situation, we can just save this web page to read it offline, does not it?

Imagine, you are traveling somewhere where there is no internet connection and you are a big fan of this site. You probably would like to spend some time reading our articles but without an internet connection, this is not possible unless you can download all the content of this site to read it without an internet connection.

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So you can download all web pages or save the entire website for offline reading on your Android or Chrome browser on your PC. So here’s how to do it.

How to download a website for an offline consultation on Android

Step 1. Download and install the “Offline Browser” app on your Android device.

Step 2. After installing the application, launch the application and you will see the screen as below, just click on the “+” icon to add the link.

Step 3. On the next page, enter the site link and the title of the project you want to download then click on the Ok & download button

Step 4. Now, wait for a while until the backup finishes and it gets to 100% of the download

Step 5. After having reached 100% of download, click on the site which you downloaded, for my case this and; now you can open it and browse all web pages without an internet connection.

++ To download this site in full I do about 5minutes to 7minutes of download because this site does not weigh in itself, we have only 110 articles at present

++ For Africememoire, a site that allows students to prepare their scientific work (Tfc, memories and internship report, …) only lasted 15min because we have more than 1200 jobs online

How to register a website to view it with Chrome on Computer

Now there are several methods to save a web page in PDF or HTML. I will show you the easiest method of all to download a whole site on your PC. This method works on Firefox, Microsoft Edge and all other browsers that exist on PC.

Download a complete website with HTtrack

1. Download HTtrack on here.

2. After downloading, launch the software, it will ask you to enter a name for the project, put what you want. Then it will ask you to indicate the address of the site you want to download. Well, you know the rest …

3. And voila, the trick is played.

Back up an entire website with IDM

The famous IDM download manager can also save an entire website for offline reading.

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1. Download the latest version of IDM here, if you do not have it yet.

2. Open Internet Download Manager and click on Grabber.

3.¬†Enter the name of the project, the address of the site then the directory where the site was saved. And that’s all.

That’s all! You have finished. You can now browse web pages without an Internet connection; what do you think of this trick? If you find it interesting then … .. Share it.

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