How to know who uses my WiFi on Android / iPhone

WI-FI is now used by many users and now almost everyone dreams of having a personal wifi network at home.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to get it, which can make a malicious person hack your Wi-Fi or maybe he knows your password; in this case he has access to your network and can use it without further notice. And with that, your bandwidth is divided and your network speed becomes slow.

In this tutorial we have a cool trick, which will help you check all devices that are currently connected to your wifi network with the help of your smartphone ( Android / iOS ).

Fing: mobile app to find out who’s connected to Wi-Fi

The method is quite simple and depends on two Android and iOS applications, which will work on your respective smartphones and will scan all devices connected to your wifi network.

Fing is the famous app that scans any Wi-Fi network and displays the devices connected to it, detect intruders, and evaluate network security risks.

You can download the app from  Google Playstore  for Android and from  Apple store  for iPhone

Fing is a must-have network utility.

Fing network utilities include:

  • Wi-Fi / LAN scanner – discover all devices connected to any network
  • Full device details, including IP address, MAC address, device name, vendor, manufacturer, and more
  • Inventory of devices and networks
  • Internet connectivity controller
  • Analysis and localization of the ISP
  • Subnet scanner
  • Port Scanner: TCP port scan that automatically finds open ports and available services

Procedures to know people connected to the WiFi network with their Android

Step 1 . After installing the application launch it then connect to the Wi-Fi you want to scan.

Step 2 . Now, just scan all devices currently connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3 . Now a list of devices appears directly that are currently running using the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 4 . You can know the details about these connected WiFi, just by typing on them.

Procedures for knowing people connected to the WiFi network with their iPhone

Step 1. Once the installation of the app finish, launch it on your iPhone.

Step 2 . Scan all devices that are currently connected to the same wifi network.

Step 3 . Now, a list of devices appears directly that are currently running using the same wifi network.

That’s all! You’re done, you can now check the Mac address of a device and can block it on your router on Android and Iphone.

Other apps to find out who is stealing your WiFi

There are plenty of other applications to find out who uses your WiFi.

WiFi Inspector

Wifi Inspector is a simple tool that allows us to see all devices connected to our network (both cable and wifi, through consoles, TVs, computers, tablets, phones etc …), giving us the relevant data such as the IP address, manufacturer, MacAddress and device name, in a very fast and easy way.


With NetCut, you can quickly detect and block any WIFI network user, even if your phone does not have a valid IP address or has not been allowed to use the internet, as long as you have been connected to WIFI.


zANTI is a mobile penetration test toolkit that allows security managers to assess the risk level of a network at the push of a button. This easy-to-use mobile toolbox enables IT security administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the malicious techniques they use to compromise the corporate network.

And what are the methods you use to find out who uses your WiFi connection?


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