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How to have the lyrics of a song on Android & iOS

You’re tired of having to pay attention to the lyrics, of a song. and then have to type a rough search for it in Google, in the hope, of finding. the title, the lyrics in English lyrics and the name, of the author of your song?


As you all know, the default built-in music players, in our android or iOS smartphones, do not display song lyrics. It is therefore for the users, to install another free reader to do this work.

Today, we will learn how to display the lyrics, of our favorite songs directly on the screen of the Android or iOS phone. People who use this feature can easily perform karaoke or understand the lyrics of the songs they are listening to. So here in this article 2 Methods to find the lyrics of a song.

Note:This tip applies to iOS & Android devices and requires internet access to download the lyrics, then you can replay offline from the app or from another audio player once the scan finishes. For our tests we will take for example Android, but the handling is identical for IOS

How to find the lyrics of a song to read on Android & iOS?

Have the lyrics of a song with musixmatch

Musixmatch is a free, high-performance and popular player that will allow you to:

  • Display and have song lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, …
  • Tap the real-time notification to view the Floating Lyrics widget and get the lyrics of the current track
  • Search for your favorite song by title, artist and even using just one line of lyrics
  • Get instant lyrics for each song that plays around you in one go
  • Easily learn new languages ​​with translated lyrics or lyrics translation

Steps to find lyrics with musixmatch

First, download Musixmatch for free for your phone by clicking on the corresponding link:


Step 1: Once the application is installed, open it and launch a music title of your choice by pressing the Play button .

Step 2  : In the settings of the application to the three points (  ), Click on Edit info of the song

Step 3: Click on Edit to change the cover of the album -> Recover from musixmatch, which will allow musixmacth to go get the corresponding image of the song in its database

Step 4: Then click on Recover the song info and wait a few seconds for the recovery to finish then click on the validatedarrow as in the picture below

Step 5: Finally, when launching your song, the lyrics appear on your screen even if your phone is locked.

Musixmath locked screen

By double clicking on the lyrics, you can display all the lyrics of the song instead of seeing them scroll as the track.

Have the lyrics of a song with Shazam

Well many users know that the Shazam application that is available on the App Store (iPhone and iPad) and on Google Play (Android) is limited to finding the title of any song , undeceived you.

C e you might not know is that in the application, it is now possible to directly access the lyrics of the song you just identified. So how to do ?

Step 1: Download Shazam for iOS  and Android , launch the application and then start listening to the song by pressing the big button in the middle of the screen, as usual

Shazam search title

Shazam finds the title

Step 2: In some cases, if the song is well known, you will see that at the top of your screen in the application, there is a part ” WORDS ”

Step 3 :Then click on ”  SEE WORDS ” to see the lyrics of the song.

 Note: In other cases, if you shazamer an unrecognized song for Shazam’s database, the lyrics may not appear.


With these two methods you will be able to find all the lyrics of any song (favorites & favorites), memorize them and understand the messages. From now on you will not sing things that you do not know about.


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