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How to find the direct download link of any movie

Today, almost everyone likes to watch the latest movies and sometimes when we do not have time to rush to the movie theater, we download movies and we watch them via our PC or phone.

If you’re a fan of movies like me, then you’re sure to know sites like Torrent9 or Cpasbien to download new movies and series for free.

To download to torrents sites , you will need to install a torrent client like Utorrent, BitComet or any other software to download the torrents . Some people can not download torrents on sites because there are too many ads  on these sites but also when their Internet service provider blocks access to torrents sites like most ISPs do today.

Methods to find the direct download link of any movie in 2018

It is this trick that we will use here to find direct links to download movies for free and at high speed. The trick is very cool so let’s go.

+Method 1 to find the direct download link of any movie in 2017

The method is very simple and you just need the title of the movie you are looking for to get its direct download link so the exact and complete URL of the server on which the movie is stored.

# 1. So open your browser and launch  Google .

# 2. In the Google search bar, type the query below. Remember to replace NameFilms with the name of the movie you are looking for: INTITLE: INDEX.OF?  mkv power

Note: You can also add the term:

  • FRENCH  »after the name of the movie to increase your chances of finding the French version,
  • 2017  “to specify the year of release of the film,
  • VOSTFR  “for films in English subtitled in French.

# 3 Click on one of the results that google offered you

# 4 Now click on the link in the movie and the loading will launch directly into your favorite download manager like Internet Download Manager for example. Look at the image below:

+Other queries to find free download links for movies

The queries are numerous, starting from the first we can modify it to find the direct links of French films hosted on servers that host French films. Here are these Google queries:

index.of? Cpasbien avi

index.of? torrent9 avi

Note: You can also  replace the avi format with mp4 or mkv .

So, above is the way to find the direct download link of any 2018 movie. Best way and easy way to get your favorite movie on the internet without searching in a lot of sites and wasting your precious time.

In addition, this method will also work for music by replacing mp4 with mp3 in the line above.

I hope you like this cool Google search, do not forget to share it with others. Leave a comment below if you have related questions


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