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How to download torrents (Software and Full Movies)

Torrent is the file extension used by BitTorrent technology which is a peer-to-peer (P2P) data transfer protocol across a computer network. The protocol was conceived in April 2001. To download very heavy data such as complete films, series, software, … here is then in this tutorial how to download the torrents.

How to download torrents (Software and Full Movies)?

Step 1: Download a BitTorrent client

To download a file on torrents sites, you need to install Torrent client software on your computer, there are several such as:


which is free and the best known


which bears the name of the protocol

Step 2: Download torrents files

Once you already have a BitTorrent software on your PC, you now need to download torrents, there are several thousand directory sites for torrents here are the most important:

In this article, I use as illistation but the procedures are the same on the other sites.

Note: Often the .extensions of this site changes so do not panic. Just go to a search engine such as and enter the name of the site in question as shown in the image below:

download torrents
How to download torrents (Software and Full Movies)

Go to the torrents site (ex:, find the content you are interested in, you can use the search bar (ex: Power).

download torrents
How to download torrents (Software and Full Movies)

You will then have the results of your research then choose the file which interests you then click on Download the torrent.

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download torrents
How to download torrents (Software and Full Movies)

Click on the downloaded file

Then validate by clicking OK and your download will start in Utorrent.

Your file is finally downloading.


The P2P download is accessible to all but it is illegal, as long as there are copyright issues.


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