How to Download Photos and Stories Instagram Online + Free Videos on Android & Pc

Instagram is today the most popular photo, video and story sharing camera application worldwide with millions of users. However instagram does not have an option to store photos, videos and instagram stories locally on your smartphone or computer.

If you are a user among its millions of users, well! You would have already noticed, and it is a pity, a complete backup system of all photos, videos and Instagram stories.

Why backup instagram videos, photos and stories?

Over time, you realize that you have published several videos or photos stored on your Instagram account. And why not save them, either to print them or simply for security reasons. It’s better to do it, because you never know, eh …

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Of course, you can save your photos on your computer by manually copying them from the Instagram website and backing them up locally, so what if you have a thousand pictures to host on Instagram? To answer this question, you can spend a whole day or even more for all exported and saved no!

In this article I show you how to download Instagram videos, photos and stories online for free through an external service (a web application) that will allow you to export all your Instagram photos at once and keep them safe on your PC in a single compressed file in just a few clicks !!!

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How to download Instagram videos, photos and stories [online] for free from the Instaport site

Step 0: Go to the Instaport site, sign in with your Instagram IDs


Step 1: Click “Yes” to allow access between the two services (from Instaport to Instagram) to search for your photos.


Step 2: Once granted access, select ‘Download .zip file’ to download the zip file and choose to download all the photos, then click on the ‘Start Export’ button to start the export

You can select the desired option all photos, the latest photos taken, those made over a period of time or those with a specific tag.

Step 3: Wait a few minutes while Instaport processes your request, this may take some time depending on the number of files in your collection.

Step 4: Once completed, a link appears. Click on it to download all your Instagram photos in a zip file.

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Bonus: How to download instagram videos, photos and stories on Android smartphone

On the web there is a multitude of applications that can download videos, photos and Instagram stories. However, most of them are false.

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How to download a video from Instagram?

Currently the most popular modified applications known by Android users for downloading Instagram photos, videos and stories are OGInsta +, Instagram + and GBInstagram


I managed to download my collection without any problem and now I can store my Instagram videos, photos and stories on my PC and Android smartphone and access them anytime, even without access to the internet. If this article was useful to you share it with your friends


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