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How to download free software with crack for windows / mac

We all have always needed to have a software in its first version but unfortunately we come across some sites of software downloads that offer us the version of test or demo that expired after a while or which did not have any full functionality of the software.

And at the end of the download we realized that this software needed a certain license or crack or serial key … we did not have.

Small reminder: the use of a crack, serial or keygen and strictly prohibited in the eyes of the law even if you own the original game or software! Let’s start with a bit of theory!

What’s a crack?

A crack is a program that applies to a software or game for:

+Either use the software without the need for the CD of it to be inserted into the CD player (we often call the cracks of “No CDs”).
+Either to remove a protection or a limitation of use.
Often, these changes are intended to use paid programs as if the “cracker” had purchased a license for the software in question.

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What is a patch?

Unlike a crack, a patch is not used to remove protection but to add functionality to software or remove some known errors. When we apply a patch on a software we say that we patched, which is legal when the patch is manufactured by the author of the software in question.

What is a serial?

Most of the software or video games you use work with a unique serial number assigned to them. A serial is simply one of those numbers to be pumped by a hacker / cracker or whatever you want to be able to run your unlicensed software previously paid for.

What is a keygen?

Keygen! Oula I have never heard of that myself … it looks

like it’s Chinese, lol

A keygen, the abbreviation Keygenerator or more commonly called a key generator is a software generating serial numbers to install / unlock / launch an application.

Finally … the theory part is over, let’s get down to business!

In this tutorial we will show you our simplest tips to download your cracked software for free:

Direct download of cracked software

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For your download we offer you this website which uses the technology of Direct Download (or DDL).

DDL is simply a file download from some websites or more clearly from your internet browser.

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On this software download site with crack you will find some cracked Windows software like word processing software (powerpoint, word), pc games, tv software, slideshow software, crack windows 10/8/7 + key & cracked macs software

You understand that the download of some software cracker is not legal so you must wait after several redirection to find yourself on the real download link cracked software

Note: You must disable your ADS block (if you have some for blocker its redirects can be taken for ads)

Software download cracked via a torrent

To be able to download free software with crack with a torrent you must have download and install a torrent download software:


Torrent website for cracked software download


Which is a safe source site that will provide you with quality torrents.

Download torrent with search engine – more advanced method

All you need to do here is to choose a safe and quality search engine, and enter “the name of the software” followed by the keyword “Crack” or “Cracker” or “pre-cracker” and end with the word “torrent”

GOOGLE example

This will allow your search engine to crawl all the site by searching for the ask software with its crack as a torrent link. This will allow you to search for your software on multiple sites, if it is not found in the one you use usually.

2 other search engines to download free software with crack



So we arrive at the end of our tutorial hoping that you have been useful, more tutorial in future articles.




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