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How to delete your Google Plus account

delete your Google Plus account: Google revealed a few months ago a security issue in its social network Google Plus that exposed the data of around 5 million users in public, fortunately and according to always the firm, no third company exploited this flaw before it is corrected.

But what makes Google Plus on the news in recent days is the decision of the search engine giant to close its one and only social network after a long competition with its direct competitor Facebook.

The end of Google Plus justifies the means used by Google the company.

But it will not happen until months and months and we have no specific date of this famous closure. For this it is better to anticipate things and avoid any other risk of leakage of private data because when we know the end, we deploy less effort in terms of security or maintain the smooth operation of the service.
So if you’re concerned about your security and privacy and want to permanently delete your Google+ account, follow our quick step-by-step guide to delete your Google Plus account:
1- Open your Gmail account and log in with your credentials.
2- Click on the picture of your profile at the top right side of the screen.
3- Then Click on Google+ Profile, then you will be taken to your Google+ profile page
4- Now click on the option: “Settings”, this shortcut is just at the bottom left of the screen.
5- Scroll down and look for “Delete your Google+ profile” in the “Accounts” section.
6- Enter your password to verify that you are the owner of your account before deleting.
7- On the next page, scroll down to the bottom and mark the checkbox Required.
Press the Delete Selected Services button.
delete your Google Plus account
How to delete your Google Plus account

And finally, your Google+ profile is automatically deleted.

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