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How to Decode a HUAWEI Modem – Complete Guide 2019

We all have already faced these kinds of situations where we buy a modem that is coded all because most modems are often sold at a promotional price to be used only with its network. origin. To use it with other mobile networks, you must make it standard.

In this article, you will learn how to make a Huawei modem standard easily and for free. Any type of modem HUAWEI of any network, that it is (LIMITEL, LEO, etc) are concerned, For my case, I will decode a modem HUAWEI E303 Coded on the operator TIGO.

How to decode a HUAWEI modem in 2019

To successfully decode a HUAWEI modem, we will need the IMEI code of the latter.

Once you get the IMEI code, you must use a Huawei Unlock Code Calculator to generate the code to standardize your modem.

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How to obtain the unlock code of a HUAWEI modem without software (recommended method)

To get the famous Unlock Code or Unlock Code Appointment here and enter the IMEI of your modem in the predefined box then press Calc.

Note: If the IMEI code of your modem starts with: 35 your Unlock code is the first (v1 code) and if it starts with 86 your Unlock code is the v3 (v201 code) or the v2 code.

Copy your Unlock code somewhere

decode all the huawei modem easily
decode all the huawei modem easily

HUAWEI modem decoding: Sends unlock code (Unlock code)

To finally decode the HUAWEI modem, put an invalid SIM card (from another operator) in the modem.

Method 1: Unlock Huawei modem without software

  • Connect to the modem
  • After login, you will see a message saying that “device or device locked”, now copy-paste your Unlock code then validate
decode all the huawei modem easily
decode all the huawei modem easily

  • The system will check if the Unlock code is correct and will unlock the modem by rebooting the modem and then detect the new sim in a few seconds later.
decode all the huawei modem easily
decode all the huawei modem easily

Method 2: Unlock Huawei Modem with Software

Other HUAWEI modem does not ask for the unlock code so you will use a software: HUAWEI Code Writer.

decode all the huawei modem easily
decode all the huawei modem easily
  • Once the download is finished, launch HUAWEI Code Writer, click on “Please select Com Port” then in the new window that appears click on “Detect”, select your modem then “Accept”.
  • Click on “Unlock Modem”, a window will appear asking you the “Unlock CODE”. Insert the Unlock CODE that you have copied and validate.
  • Wait a moment (2-5sec) and you will get a message that your modem has been decoded successfully.

That’s it for you, you just learned how to standardize or unlock all HUAWEI Modems. If you have suggestions on this topic, leave them in the comment.

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