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How to change your user-agent on the Firefox and Chrome browser with switcher

You are a website creator, webmaster, Webdesigner? And you want to test the mobile version of the website before putting it online? You’ve come to the right place, that’s what we’ll see throughout this tutorial

What is the user agent?

The user agent in French is a string sent by the browser to the server when a user visits a web page.

Why change the user agent

There are several reasons for doing this, for example tweaking your browser so that it does not communicate the right user-agent to the sites you visit, which can be interesting for the respect of your privacy or to verify that a site does not display different things depending on the browser and OS you use, for example when you visit from your smartphone browser instead of the desktop, Facebook loads its mobile layout to make it visible on the phone screen.

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Namely, for download fans like me, the user-agent is used on download sites offering software for “Mac” or “Pc” or “Linux” that you are looking for

Here are different reasons to use user-agent for Webmasters:

  • Prohibit access of certain robots to certain parts or pages of a site
  • Automatically redirect a visitor to the mobile version of a site if necessary
  • Block Internet users using Internet Explorer as their default browsers to access your site in case it appears wrong on the site

how to change the user-agent in Firefox and Chrome browser on Android and PC

Step 1: Download and install the User Agent Switcher extension depending on the browser you are using.

Click the following button to download User Agent Switcher for Firefox

Download User Agent Switcher for Firefox

Click the following button to download User Agent switcher for Chrome

Download User Agent Switcher for Chrome

Click the following button to download User Agent for Chrome from the Play store

Download User Agent for Chrome

Change user-agent on PC

Step 2: Once the application installed, you will see a new icon at the top right of your browser

Step 3: Then click on this icon to modify the user agent. Here, for my case, I use Google Chrome but it’s the same everywhere. So I choose Android -> Android KitKat.

Si vous êtes spécialiste en SEO, vous pouvez utiliser cette technique pour faire l’analyse d’un mot clé pour période donnée en fonction des requêtes tapées pour les internautes sur mobile ou sur Pc, cela pourrait avoir un impact si vous cherchez référencer votre site.

Step 4: Now you can access a mobile version of a website, for example,, and all other sites that have not

Change user-agent on Android

Step: After downloading, launch the Chrome User Agent application from your android smartphone then select the user-agent according to your need among these different types (iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows 7 IE10, etc.)

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