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How to Change the Mac Address On Android – With or Without Root

Have you ever wondered how a Cyber ​​Café WiFi network stops at a rate you paid for or suscribed when your minutes are completed during your surf on your Android or PC device? Well, there’s nothing magic there.

Here’s how it works

It’s just that the MAC Address of your device is blacklisted when the timed minutes are exhausted.

What is the MAC Address

MAC Address is a unique address assigned to identify devices on a network at the network interface of a device. Unlike an IP address, the MAC address looks like this : 0E: C3: F0: 83: 3A: 54

Nowadays we find this system almost everywhere, not only in the cyber cafe but also in restaurants, hotels or food, where we are allowed access to the WiFi network for a certain period of time and 45 minutes later nothing works. Such a waste !

The only flaw of this system, is that the next connection attempt on the same network it can not be possible unless you remove your Mac address from the list of devices Blacklisted, deceive the SE in the broadcast of a MAC address to the network, …

Here I show you the shortest and simplest way to change the MAC address on your Android device if your friend has blocked you from using their WiFi network.

How to change your MAC address (Mac address Spoofing)?

Step 1: Download and Install Mac Changer from Playstore

Step 2: Open the application, then click on ”  GENERATE RANDOM MAC then ”  SIMPLE CHANGE”

At this stage your MAC address has been changed. To verify that it has been changed, download and install terminal emulator then made the following command:

ip link show

Then locate the name of your network card while comparing its MAC address compared to what was before.



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