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How to block a website on pc without software

Whatever the reasons for blocking access to certain sites on your computer, it’s easier than you expected.

Although this requires a bit of coding, the whole thing is a matter of copy and paste and all browsers allow you to individually block sites without problems. Make sure you understand the instructions before you start.

Note: It is important to note that to make the following changes, you will need the Administrator’s permission. This means that you are the main user of the computer and that you have the passwords.

This tip applies to all versions of Windows, and all browsers installed on your machine … In this tutorial, I will use Windows 10 and Mozilla Firefox …

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2 best methods to block access to a website on pc

Block access to a website from Windows

How to use the “hosts” file to block any website on Windows

There is a file named “hosts” in the Windows folder to link each domain name to its IP address, and this is the same principle as the large DNS servers (Domain Name Servers). this file is viewed every time you connect to the Internet!

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So to block a site, just assign a false IP address, such as address.

1. Open the partition or hard disk on which your Windows is installed …

2. Browse in: C: Windows> System32> Drivers> etc

3. You will find a file named “hosts”, Open the file using a code editor, making a right click with your mouse. In my case, I use Notepad ++. But you can also use (Blocknote) Windows

4. To block a site, add two lines in this form:


Note: You can replace the IP address with any address except that it must not be the one linked to the domain name of the site …

5. And here is the result!

Block access to various browsers

Firefox and Chrome

Firefox and Chrome do not have a built-in site blocking system, but you can download a free plug-in that allows you to easily block certain sites from the browser.

1. Open your browser

  • In Chrome, you can download it from the Chrome Web Store.
  • In Firefox, these additions are called Add-ons.

 2. Browse through the Add-ons selection to choose the one you need. Click on the three gray bars at the top right corner of Firefox and then choose Add-ons to navigate through the parental control selection and website blockers. In Chrome, click the Apps button in the upper-left corner, and then click Web Store.

3. Find and download the right plug-in. Mozilla has a handy page showing all the blocking and parental control pages here. For example, to block websites easily on one or the other, the best, simple, but effective way is Block Site.

  • To find more effective programs, look for Parental Controls or Filters in the Web Store or in the Add-ons Library. This software come with special controls that will block all kinds of websites like a pornographic filter.
  • Once downloaded, the plug-in will open and ask you which site you would like to block.
  • If you can not find the plug-in, click on the three bars in the corner and click Add-ons (in Firefox) or Extensions in More Tools (in Chrome).

This was just a tiny tutorial that can help you block bad websites, to protect your Internet surfing



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