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How to add music to an iPhone without iTunes

add music to an iPhone without iTunes: 
In this article, we will show you how to add music to your iPhone or even an iPad without going through iTunes, through iOS applications and without jailbreak.

As you already knew, Apple no longer wants an operating system open to everyone and has built its iOS, MacOS and tvOS systems on a closed circuit to other technologies since its birth for security reasons and for also sell more of its derivatives.

This is also the case for music because only its iTunes software that can act as an intermediary to manage the content on Apple devices such as installing applications, updating and recovering system software in case of a crash, sending and syncing photos and music, backups … .etc.

But how to transfer music to an iPhone without jailbreak and without iTunes?

There are applications for this but the use of the transferred audio files will only be accessible on these applications, so no question to get them on the library of the Apple Music application on your iPhone or the media library in iTunes and it’s the same for notes and photos and other files.

But you can listen to your downloaded songs directly on these apps that the editorial department has chosen for you!

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# 1- Using the Air Transfer Application

  • First, download and install the Air Transfer application available on the Apple App Store for iOS.
  • As the picture below shows, after opening the app you will see a screen that lists all the categories that the application supports. (Memo, Websites, Images, Music, Movie, Documents … etc)
     add music to an iPhone without iTunes
    How to add music to an iPhone without iTunes
  • In the middle of the screen of the application, click on the Wifi button.
  • The app will connect to your Wifi network and will then show you a URL to open in your web browser on the PC.
     add music to an iPhone without iTunes
    How to add music to an iPhone without iTunes
  • On your PC after entering the URL provided by the application, a file transfer web page opens in front of you with several button like the button to add the Memos, the button to add a website and the zone Drag & Drop to drop your audio files or photos.
     add music to an iPhone without iTunes
    How to add music to an iPhone without iTunes
  • The zone type Dag & Drop that interests us in our article, it allows you to automatically transfer your mp3 and other audio files by simply depositing them in zone!
  • Once done, you can go to the Air Transfer app installed on your iPhone to listen to music as if you are on the Apple Music app.

# 2- Using the Shareit Wireless Transfer App

Easier than the one before, you need to install the application on your PC (PC version) and also on your iPhone (Link to the application on Appstore) and then create an access point (Hotspot) between the two (the application takes care of the creation automatically do not worry! in fact, the software creates a direct wireless connection with up to five devices, such as a small network).

Your PC and iPhone must be under the same local network to transfer your files and music to the iPhone.

With Shareit Wireless Transfer you can transfer photos, videos, local music files, documents and applications from one device to another.

# 3- Using the Google Play Music app

Google Play Music (download link) offers with its music streaming service a cloud service that allows you to upload music from your PC or smartphone to your Google cloud account. As a result, the music follows you everywhere where there is internet by synchronizing automatically and you can download it on any device even on iPhone thanks to it.



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