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How to add Google Adsense ads to your site or blog

You want to make some money with your blog or site, the easiest way is to opt for advertising. Google Adsense is the best in this area, once inserted, Adsense will display ads on your site from where you will be paid quickly, insert google adsense ads easily

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We all know Google because of its search engine otherwise, Adsense is also part of the Suite. If the word Adsense is new to you, do not worry, here is an introductory article on Google Adsense.

Before posting ads on your site, you must first register on Google Adsense.

How to insert Google Adsense ads on your site or blog

Creating ad units

Here’s how to create Google Adsense ads.

+Sign in on Google Adsense
+Go to the My ads tab.
+Click on “New ad unit”.
+Give your ad unit a name. This name will be displayed in the ad code posted on the site as a comment.
+From the point of view dimension of ads, there are three types:

+ adaptive
+ predefined
+  Set the Adaptive in “Ad size” to it
+ Recommended depending on the offer on different platforms.
+ Choose text and graphics ads in the Ad Type.
+ Click Save and get the code.

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It’s done, you’ve just created your first ad unit, copied the code and you’ll paste it into your site’s tag at the location you’ve intended this ad to appear.

info:Things you should never do: Never click on your Google ads, even if they’ve been tested because Google considers that fraud and disqualifies you from the programNever encourage family members to click on ads because any clicks from your home look like clicks from you realistic and do not expect to get a lot of advertising. Revenue from clicks is about a year or two, assuming Google does not exclude some of them for some reason you already have a website, access AdSense now. If not, the design of SITE123 can help you create a website right away. Signing up for Google AdSense takes time to get the most out of things, so do not wait until you’re in desperate need of money before you start.

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