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How to activate and navigate in night mode on Google Chrome

Today, virtually billions of users around the world use Google Chrome as the default browser on their computers.

This browser implements loads of features, to its user in the form of the huge extension collection that is done for that until now. These extensions are remarkably cool and make this browser more user-friendly.


What is the night mode on Google Chrome

Night mode or “Dark Mode” is a feature that changes the background of your Google Chrome browser web pages to black (text in light gray on black background).

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This is the mode that helps to see screen letters calmly at dark night. Many of you use computers at night, me personally, I used to write some of my blog articles during the night.

How to switch Google Chrome into night mode – the dark theme on Chrome

This process is based on a simple chrome google extension that will reverse the entire color of your browser and make them perfect for working at night. It will also be healthy for your eyes as it will affect them less than bright white light. Skip to the steps below to continue.

Step 1. First, you need a cool extension that is the Dark Reader extension in our Google Chrome browser. Download and add this extension to your browser by clicking the Add to Chrome button.

Step 2. Now, the extension will be added to your browser after entering the details of your google account to access the services of this extension.

Step 3. Once installed, you will see a notification that “Dark reader extension” has been added to Chrome and you will see the screen as below

Step 4. You can set everything according to your wishes like Brightness, Contrast, … You can even set fonts and even go back to the old version of Chrome by disabling the effect of Extension.

Step 5. After configuring all things, you will see the screen as below. This extension can even change the appearance of Google, etc …

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This is how you can invert all the colors of your browser and make them perfect for working at night.



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