How Google Trends works after it’s updated

Tracking trends become even easier with the new Google Trends features.

With the Google Trends update, webmasters, journalists, and other Internet professionals will be able to more easily track trends and buzz.

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That’s what Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool put in place by Google to identify the number of times a term has been searched in its search engine. In other words, Google Trends is a tool to analyze the popularity of a given keyword on the search engine, in a specific period.

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Google a tool that I recommend to Blogger friends who want to measure the volume of a given keyword to ensure the SEO of their website.

the nice new features in Google Trends
the nice new features in Google Trends

Here are some of the nice new features in Google Trends:

  • Analyzes the most popular queries and trends of the search engine. Data from Google News, Google Shopping, Google Images, and even YouTube are now aggregated in Google Trends.
  • Know the most searched word between two words.
  • Learn related progressing and popular keywords.
  • Know the popularity of keywords according to several criteria: countries, regions, cities
  • Know the value of the keywords over a given period by assigning a value from 0 to 100. 100 is the maximum score.
the nice new features in Google Trends
the nice new features in Google Trends

The details of this update are available on the  Google Trends website


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