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Get Sms Online For Free: Best Sites And Applications For Having A Free Virtual Number

Need a disposable online number where you will receive an SMS to validate or confirm an account you have created on Amazon, PayPal, Pay, WhatsApp or whatever ? Here you are a good place.

For security reasons, several sites and online services integrate the OTP verification (One Time Pass) to avoid less SPAM

What is OTP (One Time Pass)?

This is a verification system where the user must provide a phone number to receive an SMS with a randomly generated code or a voice call and return the code to the site to confirm that you are a HUMAN OR ROBOT.

This is the case of E-commerce sites (Ali baba, Ali express), online wallet (Skril, Strip, PayZa), advertising agencies (ClixSense), …

This makes it possible to determine the actual users and prevent the same user from having multiple accounts, except that it is done by a phone number.

All these online services should use the e-mail verification system but unfortunately this is not sure at all. That’s why they prefer telephone verification instead. So here are 10 best sites to help you receive SMS online

Top sites and apps to receive free online SMS with a free virtual number on Computer or Phone without registration

Get up to 15 free virtual phone numbers from different countries on “” via the internet to fill out the registration form for certain sites or services online with the OTP verification system.

provides free ten phone numbers to receive SMS, without registration. It also offers the purchase of private number from 7 USD the pack. As with most of these sites, it is highly recommended to have an ad blocker because they are ubiquitous.

TrashMobile with an application available on Play store also allows you to receive an online SMS with a free virtual number to bypass the OTP verification of some websites like Facebook, Google, PayPal, …

Test it and you will not be disappointed.

offers at the time of writing these lines 6 freephone numbers only US phone numbers. But the numbers are changing, and in my previous visits there were British and Swedish numbers on the list. You can for a fee buy a phone number pack from 36 USD, for normal use, this is of no interest. 

is one of the sites to receive the most used free SMS. It offers almost permanently 15 phone numbers from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, USA, Romania, Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland and Israel. Because of its popularity, most phone numbers have already been used for social networks and are therefore unusable for them.


This free online service allows you to receive SMS from anywhere in the world with a Canadian or American virtual phone number to check a WhatsApp account, Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

On, the virtual phone numbers are disposable, the SMS are deleted after 24 hours and the numbers are replaced with new ones every month.

In addition to this free service “Receive SMS Online” has an Android application that you can download from the link belowbut also a placeholder to buy a private virtual number. :

offers 7 telephone numbers: 2 numbers in Canada, 2 numbers in the United Kingdom, 2 numbers in the USA and 1 number in Sweden.

Receive QUICKLY and FREE SMS online without registration on “receive-sms-online”. Awesome

Above are listed all the best sites, services and applications to receive a free online SMS during an OTP audit.



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