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Free Software To Clean A PC Easily And Quickly

Your computer keeps getting slow, even after removing some programs you do not use, removing the virus after several scans or other methods of protection that you have already tried before, but nothing works so far!

So let us guide you and guide you little by little to clean his PC for free.

Several solutions are available to you to clean a PC , some prefer to do it from their operating system Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 and others prefer to install software to do this job.

In this tutorial, we will see both types of solutions to help you benefit from cleaning your PC better.

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Method 1: How to clean your Windows 10/8/7 pc without software

Uninstall or remove unusable programs

As we say that first impressions are always good, here is a solution that cleans a PC by removing programs or applications that Windows 10 board more or less useless.

To do this it’s very simple, just open the settings of Windows 10> Applications, then go through all the applications one by one from the list.

Suspend some programs when Windows starts

Several programs eat bandwidth and disk space access when starting Windows, this is the case of the uTorrent application for example.

Since our goal is to minimize the number of programs that automatically launch in the background so that Windows is not overloaded.

On Windows 10, 8, and 7, type Task Manager in the Start menu search bar or keys ( CRTL + ALT + DEL), then go to the Startup tab , select a program that you want to disable, and then click Disable .

Free disk space

The technique to free disk space also works in some cases. On Windows you can access it as follows: Windows 10 settings> System> Storage tab , then click on the button Free disk space automatically

Method 2: How to clean your Windows 10/8/7 PC with software (free software to clean your PC)

There are several PC cleaner apps, however CCleaner is the most popular and popular for Windows users to clean their computers of all spam and junk files that take up hard disk space. Without further ado here is how to clean his PC to save space.

Features of CCLeaner

With the ccleaner software , you can:

  • Empty log files (Windows logs), cookies, trash, clipboard, forms, recently opened documents, system cache.
  • Clear the history of browsers and programs run,
  • Check and optimize the system by cleaning non-existent dynamic libraries,
  • Delete unused files on hard disks,
  • Remove shortcuts with no target or unnecessary ActiveX controls, obsolete programs, invalid classes, and non-existent file extensions.
  • And even more

Here’s how to clean your Windows 10/8/7 PC with CCleaner software + configuration

Step 0: Download and install CCleaner from here

Step 1: In the “Cleaner” tab from CCleaner, check the boxes of the files to clean and click on Clean

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That’s it that’s all




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