Top 5 Free Screen Capture Software on Windows in 2019

Screen Capture Software: So you want to record the screen of your computer? Let me tell you that it’s as easy as taking a screenshot with the PrtSc key on Windows with these 5 free Windows video capture software for Windows in 2019.

These video capture software programs help you record everything you do on your computer screen. You can then publish these videos on YouTube and monetize them with Adsense for example, which can save you money.

Taking screenshots from your computer is something you usually do, but recording a video on the screen is not. The latter allows you to make a big difference during a tutorial or even a presentation.

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Top 5 Best Windows Video Screen Capture Software

You will find, most times, limitations when using free screen capture software such as watermarks. We have tested all the software in this list and they do not leave a watermark.

Camtasia Studio

It is one of the most complete and popular screen recorders. Camstudio will allow you to record videos, enable / disable the mouse cursor, record your sound via the microphone, add custom annotations, save only a portion of the screen you select, etc. It is a pack of several utilities. All of its applications are very useful and user-friendly.


Ezvid has a simple and effective user interface where you can save the screen and edit video from the built-in editor. Editing can perform actions such as splitting records, adding text between clips, making a slide show with additional effects, and more. However, you can not export your video, you must upload it to YouTube from the software itself.


Screenr is an online web application where no software is installed on your PC, and the only requirement of this application is the Java environment, which must be installed on your system. You will be able to save an area that you select on your screen and the video you create can be uploaded to YouTube or downloaded to your computer in MP4 format. You can start using Screenr your activities on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

It only allows five minutes of recording for a video.


This is the Screen Capture Software I am currently using, it is very light (weighs less than 5MB). It also allows you to make video captures on Windows and export them in .AVI format.

BlueBerry FlashBack Express

With BlueBerry Flashback Express Recorder, you have the ability to record the screen over your face via the webcam while making the video. You will get your file saved in the .FBR extension that can be edited with the video editing software found in the software to finally export the final video with .AVI extension. You will be asked to register after 30 days of free use.



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