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Free Internet 2019 with ORANGE: 100% on and for life

Here in this article how to have free internet with orange in the DRC in 2018, use these methods to have free internet connection on PC & Smartphone with access to all your favorite internet sites for free.

Where does this free internet subscription come from?

As we all know, any information system sometimes has some flaws and that’s where developers and hackers take advantage to get in to make money. Thus, this flaw to have free internet in the DRC comes to us from the biggest Internet access providers including the ORANGE network operator house in the DRC.

Being a fan of the internet like you, we all have a hard time paying for an internet subscription in the DRC because the internet connection costs too much in different countries. I decided to write this little tutorial today to share with all those who reside in the DRC to have access to free internet. Alas, those who prefer to spend their time downloading movies or series like me because I reassure you 100% that this internet connection is a very big start.

Prerequisites for having free internet with orange RDC in 2019

To have access to the free internet in 2019 in DRC, it’s very easy that you think it, it is enough:

To have a SIM ORANGE,

Attention: speaking of the SIM, I make it clear that some SIM CARDS do not work with the free internet. After several tests and tests, there is only a special SIM (Staff) which have the advantage of having access to the free internet because they are special as the name suggests.

To have this SIM CARD you only have to go to the ORANGE operator or different points of sale and the purchased, it is absolutely not expensive.

To have a Modem, a PC or a Smartphone

So if you are equipped with all these tools to go directly to the next step, if not (until for you to continue with this tutorial without the different materials mentioned above);

How to have free internet with Orange in the DRC in 2019?

To connect without internet subscription and have free internet access, we will simply change one of the certain parameters including the “APN”.

An APN or access point name is the set of connection information relating to a given network, such as access to the Internet. In short, it is the APN that allows us to send and receive the access packet to our Internet Service Provider (ISP).

By default, the access point used by ORANGE is: “”. So to have access to the internet without subscription and browse (surf) for free follow the steps below:

Steps to Have Free Internet on Smartphone

1. Access the settings and navigate to More \ Mobile networks \ Access point names

2. Create a new access point with as APN: “” confirm with OK then Save.

3. After choosing as default APN it’s him you just created in stepĀ  2.

Steps to have free internet on PC and Smartphone with a modem

4. Connect to your Modem via a PC or Smartphone then access the settings \ management of profiles \ creates a new profile then Save as on the image below.


This is how I manage to connect to the internet for free in the DRC and precisely using the ORANGE network. If you have another way besides this one that allows us to have access to free internet in the DRC, leave a message in the comments.


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