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Free Apps To Have An American Virtual Number

In the previous article I showed you how you could open a US or European Verified PayPal account from Africa to receive payments . However when creating this account we had to add some additional information like a US phone number, add a credit card to 100% verify your account.

After some research on the net, I fell to more than a dozen applications available on Android and iOS that can provide us with a free virtual number.

With these applications, you can have a second virtual number, check some online services, make calls and send messages as if you were in Latin America via Wi-Fi or connecting your existing cellular network .

Without further ado, here is a list of 5+ best Android apps to get a second free virtual number

Best Free Android Apps for a Second Free Virtual American Number

nd Line Apk

nd line is currently the best Android application to get a free American phone number. It is the one I used to check my American PayPal account

Download 2 nd Line Apk

You can download 2 nd Line from Google PlayStore or through this alternative link

How to use 2ndLine to have a virtual American number

Step 0: Download and install 2 nd Line on your smartphone

Step 1: After installation, Open 2ndLine and create a user account

Step 2: Select your American virtual number 2 nd Line that you will use, that’s all.

How to use 2ndLine to check your American PayPal account

Log in to your American PayPal, then access the settings by clicking on the icon in the form of a gear wheel e then click on “update”

Enter your American virtual number that you received in step 2 with the 2nd line application, then click on  update number

Other apps to get a free virtual number on Android and iOS

Here are the other apps you can test for a second phone number




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