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Download Smadav Pro 2019 Free For Pc with Serial key

SMADAV PRO 2019 is the paid version of SMADAV Free antiviruswhich allows to protect your Windows PC against the virus coming from removable discs such as flashes disc, memory card, … playing the role of second Antivirus on your computer but which does not cause no threat if you have another one instead.

SMADAV 12.4 is the latest version of the antivirus that you will download directly here and install it on all versions of Windows (Xp, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) 32 and 64bits for free.

However it is that you must know, SMADAV Pro 2019 is not free as I reported a little higher, for this you must go through their official website to legally buy this little Indonesian antivirus or continue reading this post to crack smadav for life .

Download SMADAV 2019 free for Pc – Setup Smadav

Click the button below to download the smadav2018rev1242.exe setup  that the latest Smadav Free version updated on December 18, 2018

How to install and crack SMADAV 12.4 + Switch from Free to Pro?

Step 1 : After downloading, click on the exe SMADAV file following the installation instructions.

Step 2 : Once the installation is finished, Smadav free will launch automatically with a message ( Your are using smadav free ) in French (you use it in free version).


Access the Settings menu and then General settings on the Smadav Pro Registration heading . Enter the Name + key information of the version of Smadav ( see the list below ) to install on your PC and click Register to validate


Step 3 : That’s, Enjoy Smadav Pro instead of Free.


List of all SMADAV Pro with crack or Serial key (free registration key)

         versions                            name        keys
      Smadav 9.9.1                               OnHAX089900203060
      Smadav 10.9               http://www.jembersantri.id081800923093
      Smadav 11.0.4    http://www.caturjokamers.blogspot.com085800087124
      Smadav 11.2                     [AWANPC.COM]995299901481
      Smadav 11.3.5 11.3085200404848
      Smadav 11.4    Aspirasisoft Smadav Pro 2017 Rev 11.42                              Complete081900243280
      Smadav 11.5 +                   11.6.5     Aspirasisoft Smadav Pro 2017 Rev 11.5                               Complete081200859590
       Smadav 11.7 +                    11.8 11.7.2085200116489
       Smadav 11.9.1                     Titus Mukisa 12085200314879
       Smadav 12.0                      New York081500943683
       Smadav 12.1  

prof for all 12.1

Personel :


Warnet : 775777415892

Company : 995799415892


Smadav 12.2

                       CahBorneo 12.2



Personel :


Warnet :


       Smadav 12.3 +                    12.4                      CahBorneo 12.2Staff :



Please come back on this page to download the latest SMADAV 2019 version with crack and / or activation key to upgrade to SMADAV Pro for free and its earlier versions smadav 2018, smadav 2017, smadav 2016, etc.


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