Compare 2018: the best Free Antivirus for windows & mac

Nowadays, with the increase in attacks, it is extremely important to have a reliable Antivirus protection tool. Therefore, in this article, we will establish a comparison of 5 best Free Antiviruses from 2018 to protect your Computer.

We could reduce the subject to this list but it would be a little misleading without explanation. Indeed, there is no single “best antivirus” but antivirus more or less adapted to each user. Some will be content with the one delivered with their system or free alternative version if they feel able to identify the pitfalls of malware. Others will prefer to have a little more assistance or will simply need products adapted to their uses.

Best Free Antivirus for Windows (10.8,7, Xp, …) and Mac Comparative 2018

It’s hard to say that one antivirus is better than another. Only the user can sort the different functions but also know his preference for the different interfaces. All security suite publishers happily offer free trial for 30 days for their paid products. So here in this article, which ones have achieved the best results.


The publisher is in the lead by being on par with its competitors and presenting a good result but with a rate of false alarms that make the result subject to discussion. The Internet Security version has been put to the test and it is possible to test for a month.

Feel free to test using the evaluation versions and to share your opinion in comment.

Panda Antivirus

Panda is known for its paid solutions but few internet users know that it also offers a free version. It ranks well in this test with a faultless detection level with some false positives. The interface is close to the Windows 8 and 10 menu tiles.

Bitdefender Antivirus

It is the version Internet Security that has been tested and the result is very good and favorable with 99.9% of the blocked threats. It is possible to test for free by downloading the evaluation version.

Avira 2018

Simple to install and use, Avira Antivirus performs fast and efficient system analysis at the click of a button. Avira Free Antivirus puts up a shield that defends the complete system of all types of malware, including viruses, Trojans, … This tool is designed to protect users of Windows, Mac and Android.

Avast Antivirus Free

This antivirus works in a predictable way, it simply checks program codes and detects potentially dangerous programs. The program is able to block certain malicious sites, malware, detect viruses and adware.

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In addition, Avast also checks whether other devices connected to the user’s network are safe like printers, phones, TVs, tablets, and so on. With this program you can easily detect and update programs that may have security vulnerabilities, which will help you prevent hacking attacks.

Visit the Avast website to download it and enjoy a free license from Avast for 1 to



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