Communicating Without Internet: Here are 5 Best Free Messaging Apps to Use

Here’s how to communicate with a friend without having credit, internet package, SMS, WiFI connection or in a catastrophic situation communicate without internet or wifi

Today we use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber messaging applications to facilitate our communication at a cheaper price. So what about the situation where one is deprived of the internet connection?


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Well, there are cats apps that allow us to communicate without WIFI connection, or use cellular data – 3G or 4G for free. It’s enough that your friend has one of these apps, you and that’s all. Discover 5 chat applications to communicate without Internet on Android and iPhone when there is a break

communicate without internet or wifi
communicate without internet or wifi


Free Email Apps on Android and iPhone to communicate without an internet connection


FireChat available on Android and iPhone is the best email application to communicate without access to the internet. It supports text messages and images with this P2P feature

The Serval Mesh

The Serval Mesh allows you to communicate without internet access in case of a great failure of cellular networks using the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of your phone.

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Download The Serval Mesh: Android

Offline Chat

OfflineChat is a communication application that allows users near 100 meters to communicate by sending text messages, images and create a peer-to-peer connection without an Internet connection or mobile data.

Download Offline Chat:Android

communicate without internet or wifi
communicate without internet or wifi


Briar Messenger

With Briar Messenger, messages that you exchange between users are directly synchronized between your devices no server for managed. That makes it a robust and efficient messaging application for communicating without internet

Download Briar Messenger: Android

Bridgefy – Offline Messaging

Download Bridgefy: Android | iPhone



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