Chrome tackles automatic redirects

Google Chrome continues its fight against unwanted ads, attacking automatic redirects. The Chrome browser promises to help users stop unwanted redirects. Its next scheduled release for January will prevent sites from opening windows automatically.

The practice of unwanted advertising is common for many sites with questionable activities. Widely used for illegal downloading, it allows multiplying the advertising gains.

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The new version of  Google Chrome 64  available in January 2018 will mark the beginning of the fight against automatic redirection, which opens new windows even if the user has not clicked any link.

Chrome tackles automatic redirects
Chrome tackles automatic redirects

The  official blog of Google Chrome  announces that this technique will be purely and simply blocked, whenever a script of this type will be detected.

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Another concern pointed by Google: the display of  fake Play or download buttons  that actually hides an undesirable advertisement, as well as the technique of clicking on any point on a page. Again, the next version of Chrome promises to help users surf more leisurely on the Internet and across the web.

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Chrome tackles automatic redirects
Chrome tackles automatic redirects

Google Chrome does not stop only but wants to go even further. Chrome 65  expected in 2018 will block another technique: when a user clicks on a link, the page opens in a new tab and the active page turns into a pub. A  devious technique to display pop-ups  and Chrome wants to stop it.



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